Club Module
  • 2006/12/8 8:16

  • nobile

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Hi all

i'm looking to a module to adminstrate a club (association, people that share the same hobby)

can someone show me what is the best module to resolve this problem?


Re: Club Module

You'll need to be more specific before anyone can help you.

What do you mean, when you say "administrate a club"? Which functionality do you need?
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Re: Club Module
  • 2006/12/8 12:08

  • zgzdeluxe

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To administrate users, you need only a forum and you can create groups users: members type A, member type b, mail lists. You can create specials areas only for members.

I have a club, I am the administrator. I use by the moment phpBB2 but I'm going to migrate to XOOPS when I have time to do this. Is not easy to migrate the database.

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Re: Club Module
  • 2006/12/8 13:38

  • chippyash

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I run (amongst other things) a member site for a 17thC re-enactment society. It uses nothing other than available modules:

See the site credits for a list of user side modules that it uses.

Most modules have limited access to members only (at least for adding content.) The myAlbum module is cloned to create a totally private photo gallery to supplement the publicly available pics.

Member administration is currently done off-line but enquiry forms and the like are handled by Liaise and teh submitted details sent direct to the appropriate person to deal with. I do have plans to write a module that will handle member details and accounting but I'm waiting for core XOOPS team to incorporate the XOOPS 2.2 extended profiles into the 2.3 build (and of course release 2.3!).

Re: Club Module
  • 2006/12/8 18:22

  • nobile

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thanks all for your super fast assistance, i think that the best solution is (like wrote AKITSON) to use different modules because is too difficult find one module that resolve all problems and like wrote zgzdeluxe a good solution is to use my Forum with custom groups.

thanks a lot of all



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