Joomla! wins the Packt Open Source CMS Award 2006
  • 2006/11/14 11:51

  • Herko

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2006 Open Source Content Management System Award Winner Announced

Following a nomination round and eight weeks of voting, Packt are pleased to announce Joomla! as the winner of the 2006 Open Source Content Management System Award. Joomla! collects a first prize of $5,000 and the title of Packt Open Source CMS Award Winner for 2006.

The final result, as voted for by judges from The Open Source Collective, MySQL, the Eclipse Foundation, and 16,000 users on www.PacktPub.com saw a tie for first place between Joomla! and Drupal. In the event of a tie, a fourth independent judge would be brought in. This was Apoorv Durga who is a member of CM Pros and runs his own blog [http://apoorv.info/] on portals and content management. This crucial vote ended up with Joomla! triumphing over Drupal by one point.

The final result was as follows:

1. Joomla!- $5,000
2. Drupal - $3,000
3. Plone - $2,000

Please note that in deciding the final positions judges were asked to give their top three, with their first choice receiving 3 points, second receiving two points and third place one point.

Choosing the top three proved to be a difficult experience for the judges, due to the quality of the finalists and their ability to suit different tasks depending on the objective of the user. "All the CMS’s that made the top 5 are very good" declared Scott Goodwin, representing The Open Source Collective, "and I wouldn't hesitate to use any of them depending on what I'm trying to accomplish."

The judges had strong compliments for all five finalists, with some of the highlights listed below:


* Has been around for quite some time and is stable and actively developed
* Well coded and has an available granular permissions system and a strong eye for security
* Configuration was a breeze
* Lightweight installation
* Plethora of modules and themes
* Exceptional documentation and has an active and friendly community
* The node concept is very good


* Easy to setup and install
* Wide selection of themes and modules
* Provides lots of flexibility
* Backend seems well put together
* Drop down menu is a nice touch and is organized well


* Very easy to install and use with lots of extensions and modules
* The documentation is exhaustive and concise
* Admin user interface is intuitive and powerful
* The backend of Joomla! is very usable and the WYSIWYG editor the content was nice
* Seems like it would scale well and provides a lot of customization options
* Large and active community


* Very flexible and powerful
* Great user interface
* Very clean default installation
* Lots of addon modules
* Worth taking the steep learning curve
* Impressed with the customization it offers
* Integration with LDAP or other login systems is a plus

And last but not least:


* Minimalist initial install
* Great community support
* Provides lots of addon modules and themes
* Lots of functionality
* Mature and has a very good permissions system

Re: Joomla! wins the Packt Open Source CMS Award 2006
  • 2006/11/14 11:53

  • Herko

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I think the winners deserved to win. Lets make sure XOOPS will win next year! We're ont the right track: we're building a documentation library, a more user friendly system, we are getting more and more professional themes... We're next years favorites already!


Re: Joomla! wins the Packt Open Source CMS Award 2006
  • 2006/11/14 12:46

  • nekro

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Re: Joomla! wins the Packt Open Source CMS Award 2006
  • 2006/11/14 12:56

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I'm sure we will, as I see it now it's all in the hands of the team working on the future xoops.org site, we know we are a powerful community and with an amazing resource database, not to mention the forum support team, news team and all the other teams that are here almost full time. We just need to be presented in a nicer package. Just can't wait to see the future xoops.org theme and sections
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Re: Joomla! wins the Packt Open Source CMS Award 2006
  • 2006/11/29 4:33

  • mCity

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OK. I few information about Joomla and Xoops.

1. 'Menu' system in Joomla could be managed in administrator mode. Also, a few of transmenu from third parties. So, lets start a group to develop a menu module which could be have ways to show in horizontal or vertical with dropdownlist or transmenu features.

2. Multilingual, xlanguage in XOOPS is better, IMHO, additional language by using joomfish can only be maintained by administrator. I will suggest joomla to have a modules like xlanguage.

3. module upgrade, XOOPS is best, the flow is designed carefully and best of best that all CMS should study.

4. joomla components are lack of themes selection. webmaster have to change coding of .php files but easy still.

5. XOOPS site themes is limited in core, coding built on left, right, centerleft, centerright. It is not free for managing places. e.g. top or bottom of header for a transmenu. Well, joomla is good enough. That is why some devs doing transmenu for them.

6. Search, XOOPS provided a way for modules to join and use the core search, so that no separated search needed. However, for some specified modules, a detail specified search may be necessary like shopping and forum.

7. XOOPS makes use smarty where we have to put a lot of data in array. Well, it is not using passby reference to template. Loading crisis will exist if you 're going to make a hot site. Joomla makes use php as php is a template itself. (more disscusion about this could be found in forum and post there if you wanted. )

So, a few points to make this thead useful.


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