Re: WeBlog module - will anyone revive it?
  • 2004/11/21 6:00

  • limecity

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I had the idea of using the Newbb 1 image upload hack and implement it into the blog module.

I have no know nothing much about php so everything wasn't successful and in the end the whole thing crashes and everything didn't work. So i gave up.

DOn't think the XOOPS dev teams are going to take this into development since they are developing xBlog.

Re: WeBlog module - will anyone revive it?
  • 2004/11/21 19:02

  • libervis

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I also thought about somehow copying that functionality from news module to weblog, but i don't even know where to begin

I wonder if that newbb image upload hack could be any easier to do?

For that xBlog project it surely sounds promising and if the official XOOPS team is backing it up i'd say that something like that has a future. However, there is not one file released yet and who knows when would it be fit to replace weblog.
It seems we really don't have much of a good choice. We either continue using weblog as it is hoping to find a way to implement some hacks for needed functionalities waiting for xBlog or dump it and start using some sofisticated blogging system such as livejournal or b2evolution, an option that lacks any integration with xoops.


Re: WeBlog module - will anyone revive it?

ah, what a pitty. i wonder if there is some background to the story of weblog that we're not aware of. lots of people use it but the XOOPS leadership is silent. I had not heard of xblog, but it does sound promising. i have been struggling with trying to find another XOOPS multi-user blog and dreading the likelihood of having to try to migrate my user's entries to a new system (ugh.) perhaps it wouldn't be too much to ask if xblog might have this capability (easily).

i agree that weblog is pretty good. i tweaked some of the template files to make the text appear better on my site, increasing the title font and changing the color, adding spaces between text, a line between entries, etc. This is easy to do and greatly enhances readability and navigation.

I wanted to mention that weblog does support user image uploads via the image manager, but i recognize that this is sub-optimal i've found only the most advanced users of the site ever figure that out. of course, you have to grant users the ability to upload images in the admin section.

agreed, weblog needs some enhancement, especially to incorporate a more functional blogroll, aside from the top blogs avatar listing. Also, the rss feeds to individual user blogs, as opposed to simply the current digest capability now. Also, i have been trying to hack the rss feed to include the description tag information, which it currently doesn't display. if you dig into the weblog_backend.php you will see that there are some notes from developers about trying to get it to work, but i guess they quit the project prior to that. I haven't been able to figure it out, and the structure of the rss feed in weblog is significantly different than that of newbb, so that was no help to my php newbie self.

unfortunately, weblog has a large install base and i think we're going to have to suck it up and migrate eventually.

Re: WeBlog module - will anyone revive it?
  • 2006/9/5 7:33

  • macmend

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Oh to bring weBLog up to scratch, I have been using WP but find it slow, I gave up with weBLog because of the lack of a SPAM filter and image upload.
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Re: WeBlog module - will anyone revive it?
  • 2006/9/8 10:43

  • pgroell

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somebody has made an updated version here :




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