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  • 2006/4/19 5:02

  • ghettonet

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I am using XOOPS 2.0 for a site, and I am used to the interface of 2.3.4. In 2.0, I want to create a new module block. I want to use 2 cartoon blocks on a page with different comics in each. In 2.3, I just went to blocks admin and chose the block from the drop down box and and pushed ad, and it let me configure the block and add it. Am I just really stupid and can't figure it out? For example, I have the cartoon module, and I go to blocks administration and edit the block to show Garfield on the front page. Now I wan't to create another cartoon block showing Dilbert and put it somewhere else. Is that possible with that version?

Re: add new block
  • 2006/4/19 5:26

  • adrock

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well...yes and no.

It IS possible, but in a slightly different manner, and the part that 2.2+ does all by itself in the admin area, you will have to do 'by hand'.

Simplisticly, you will need to 'clone' the comic module.

Then you will have two cartoon blocks, one for each installation of the module.

Read through this to get started!


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Re: add new block
  • 2006/4/19 11:25

  • Quest

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Yes. Just create another block like you did the first one only put the picture link you want in it (Dilbert). Save it and set it to display where you want on the page that you want.

Re: add new block
  • 2006/4/19 18:43

  • ghettonet

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Ah I see. That makes sense. Thank you for your help. How come the 2.3.x XOOPS isn't recommended though? The administration def. seems easier.



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