Re: Guy says I stole his theme ??
  • 2006/4/6 22:58

  • brash

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Thanks for checking up Bender, I thought this sounded out of Character from what I have experienced with my dealings with Goran.
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Re: Guy says I stole his theme ??

Yeah, but now I feel like an arse!!

But thanks for everyone's responses! I am more educated on the GPL now.

I always include a link to the XOOPS community when I build an XOOPS site. I appreciate the XOOPS community a lot!!

Thhanks XOOPS!!

Re: Guy says I stole his theme ??
  • 2006/4/7 2:02

  • brash

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It was a logical assumption to think the developer sent such an e-mail zioncurtain4 (I mean who else would really), so don't beat yourself up about it. My main concern now that we've cleared up that the offending email was not infact sent by Goran of 7dana, is that other people reading this thread know that and do not misjudge him by it. Goran produces some of the best and most widely used (even if modified) themes for Xoops.
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Re: Guy says I stole his theme ??
  • 2006/4/7 2:31

  • MadNav

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Also reference re to Zioncrtain4
Zioncurtain4 RE : Guy says I stole his theme ?? #11 .

also reference re to re from Tom

tom wrote:
From my understanding any thing released that works with XOOPS and requires XOOPS will be GPL, with exception of graphics, therfore you do not have to give visible credit unless you use the original graphics. however should the file be redistributed then the code credits must remain intact.

and not to forget new account guy from Xoops Web Hosting


Tailzehhhh wrote:
be careful in the future, we had to suspend a few of our XOOPS clients due to copyright abuse.

What about xoops.org promoting Creative Commons License on site?

GPL CCL ... then of course copyrights ... this is certainly a big problem for OpenSource. What is the official XOOPS directive here then?

Zioncrtain4 appears to be using the Fair Use clause of life.
I see alot of XOOPS out there from private to public sector some with XOOPS disclaimers/reqinfos and others appearing to be XOOPS or powered by XOOPS not having any credits or comments in their code distribution.
There are all sorts of Fair Use application of XOOPS out there and certainly, some abuse or misuse issues too.
Whats the quick 5 point method for dummies to adhereing to the ever changing world of IPR.

How about creating a XOOPS training process for directly addressing this exact misunderstanding.
Perhaps a White/Grey/Black list for a core mod that ties directly to whois index of sorts ??? Timing might be right with the XOOPS award contest ongoing.

By the By ->
Props For XOOPS being the number #1 OpenSource CMS project!

Runner up nothing .... just XOOP module them and see where that takes things.

Best luck to everyone out there on this ongoing issue of intellectual property rights and ownership topics

Re: Guy says I stole his theme ??
  • 2006/4/7 5:59

  • MadFish

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GPL CCL ... then of course copyrights ... this is certainly a big problem for OpenSource. What is the official XOOPS directive here then?

GPL is the last word as far as XOOPS is concerned, as that is the licensing scheme the code is released under. Creative Commons is an alternative scheme that does not apply to XOOPS code (though you can choose to release the *information* on your site under it - which is what I think xoops.org does).

One of the problems with different open source "type" licensing schemes is that they are not necessarily compatible with one another.

Re: Guy says I stole his theme ??
  • 2006/4/7 6:31

  • incama

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brash wrote:
...,In any case you may just wish to alter the class and/or id tag names in your theme.html and CSS so that there is no reference to 7dana code.

Hereby I declare all id's and classes named "maincontainer" "container" and "content" copyrighted by me,.,

hahaha that would indeed be funny ;)

But to be serious,.the only thing protected are photographs and graphics (if you want to) by my knowledge and not html and css code's and their variables.

just my 2 cents
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Re: Guy says I stole his theme ??
  • 2006/4/7 7:24

  • Herko

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The Official position in this is simple: there are two points.
1. Respect copyleft as much as copyright,
2. Give credit where it is due.

If you feel that you honor both points, you're good. If not... then I suggest you amend it as soon as possible.

As for claiming a theme: the changes made do not make it a completely new theme IMHO. New images, differnt colors, some modifications. IMHO, somewhere on your site, there should be a line 'theme based on xxxxx by 7dana, modifications by yyyyy'. It doesn't have to be in the footer of every page, but an 'about this site' page can amend a lot, plus you can add a lot more information there.
Anyone claiming copyright over *your version* of the theme however, should learn to respect copyleft. Theme code isn't copyrightable.

All the rest has been said already by the others


Re: Guy says I stole his theme ??
  • 2006/4/7 7:40

  • SevenD

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Hi guys,

just to clarify...I can confirm that this email is not sent by me.
In fact, I have never sent any "license violation" email to any XOOPS user (I really can't remeber).

Re: Guy says I stole his theme ??
  • 2006/4/7 22:18

  • msdana

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How's does the following situation sound regarding copyright infringement for a logo?

A couple of days ago, I noticed on my stat program that a URL was showing up that was not mine. I was confused and thought there was a problem with the program's database. I emailed technical support. They replied that someone had saved my web pages and because of the security code in the HTML, every time they were viewing my pages on their web host it was clocking it as a "hit" on my website.

I looked at the website that had saved my pages and here's the results.

THIS IS MY WEBSITE FRONT PAGE: (www.panhandlegateway.com)
Resized Image

THIS IS THE OTHER WEBSITE'S FRONT PAGE: (www.pagesbourbon.com)
Resized Image

I am using a theme from 7dana which I have modified extensively and I have given credit to him in the stylesheet with modifications credit to me. However, the logo that I have for my site is an original designed by me. We have sent the proper paperwork US Copyright Office. I have copyright notices on my website that the artwork is copyright and may not be reproduced.

Any suggestions?

[EDIT: I apologize, zioncurtion4, for stepping on your thread but the discussion applies to me also, I think ]
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Re: Guy says I stole his theme ??
  • 2006/4/8 9:07

  • MadNav

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Nice Example - msdana

I was going to babelfish the site to see better but they have their site closed.

Indeed the first appearance would suggest much needed criticism but most likely this is a new developer just shifting and tweaking and toggling the available XOOPS references of favor and they are trying to mimic those layouts to meet their end needs. So in a sense its an honor perhaps that someone liked the utilization,layout ect. ect. bla bla bla to jump right in and do it.

Visualware IP Lookup -> on pagesbourbon.com if you need to findout whois info.
Go here to get the first contact info from the who is info.
I would say that no this site should not be able to use this graphic with the site name changed as such .. as to why it was hitting your stats at your site via their site is yet another case of XoopsIdentityTheft -> Learn More

On a side note msdana

Terms on www.panhandlegateway.com

I am unclear then where you apply relevant information about the use of XOOPS or the developers of mods for XOOPS that are used within the site.

I did like the post on using the about this site location to consolidate this info and help give credit where credit is due ... Herko left/right theory work'n too

Oh that reminds me .... when you click on the info icon on a module in the administration menus you get a pop-up window that does an auto scroll credits runtime for the mod designers. Thats cool

If XOOPS could couple this into a dynamic Powered By module having complete credits, about, terms, privacy, front-end module for the curious with most of their nine lives and of course side-module hover-overs and rotations and fadings and and and . stop . :)

... good luck all


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