Re: HTMLArea Module for All XOOPS
  • 2005/5/19 21:59

  • den1662

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Class xoopsmodule is not loaded whenever being called by htmlarea module.

1) Turn on XOOPS debug System Admin -> Site Preferences -> General Settings -> Debug Mode -> PHP
2) Fatal error: Undefined class name 'xoopsmodule' in D:\ftx_web\cms\class\xoopsform\formdhtmltextarea.php on line 21
3) Watch out your URL at that time.

1) open edituser.php
2) add this line
include_once XOOPS_ROOT_PATH.'/class/xoopsmodule.php';
before this line
include_once XOOPS_ROOT_PATH.'/class/xoopsformloader.php';

Module extcal (admin to add category) is also having the same fatal problem. Both are great modules. Haven't found any solution yet. Try to email the module owner hope he could help.

Re: HTMLArea Module for All XOOPS
  • 2005/6/2 16:30

  • sdmacint

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I've installed this and it seem to be working very well. However, it doesn't seem to give me the HTML editor when I'm modifying articles in the XF-Section module (ver. 1.07). Any suggestions?


Re: HTMLArea Module for All XOOPS
  • 2005/6/4 8:00

  • chibaya

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Thank you very much for your effort to make HtmlArea XOOPS module. It worked very nicely. I found that when I changed _editor_lang to multi-byte language(like ja-euc) in the render function of formdhtmltextarea.wys.php, it didn't work and just showed the simple TextArea.
But it's very strange that when I tried the independent HtmlArea (not XOOPS module), the demo programs worked fine even on muti-byte languages.
If you have any advice on the international version, I would much appreciate.

Re: HTMLArea Module for All XOOPS
  • 2005/6/15 6:32

  • chibaya

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HTMLArea module works very nice.
When I tried to include more than one HTMLArea in the same form, modified texts were not reflected in the POST variables until <> icon button was pressed (eg. change to text mode).
If you have any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

Re: HTMLArea Module for All XOOPS
  • 2005/6/15 10:20

  • Burnout-BR

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Is there any form of making emoticons work in that editor?

Re: HTMLArea Module for All XOOPS
  • 2005/6/18 13:06

  • djoloffman

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Hello everybody,

In my case, The htmlarea mod for XOOPS only works for some modules (news, catads, system, evennews, wfchannel) but I still have the default XOOPS editor for modules like (newbb, mydownloads, xcgal).

- XOOPS version :
- Installed the module normally and overwrote the formdhtmltextarea.php file.

Anybody knows why ?

Re: HTMLArea Module for All XOOPS
  • 2005/7/20 0:25

  • fraguio

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I also have the same problem tommyZ with xoops2.0.9.2 when i try to edit an user profile( account ) and the solution above works fine except in the signature field because when someone visit the user profile they can only see the html code instead of the formated text.

Any suggestion ??

Thanks in advance.

Re: HTMLArea Module for All XOOPS
  • 2006/3/11 1:23

  • stevegreen

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This might sound stupid, but I noticed while searching after so many errors with a server repair/downgrade to 2.013.2 that the xoopsmodule.php was identified as a folder in the root class directory. I added the correct xoopsmodule.php file, and my problem was solved for many issues.

I couldn't believe it was that easy.


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