Re: Downgrade script...
  • 2006/3/13 21:19

  • stevegreen

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I had the displeasure of attempting a downgrade back to 2.0.x using the script. I did actually backup everything, but I was running 2.2.4 when I performed the backup.

I am not a programmer or developer by any stretch of the imagination.

After the great downgrade crash, I spent several hours evaluating the mySQL, and wound up rebuilding the site from scratch with 2.0.x. I was able to recover my user database from a backup by writing a custom INSERT INTO statement and remapping the 2.2.x users table structure to marry into 2.0.x. The fields are all basically the same I discovered; just not in the same order between the tables. (Note to Core Team - why?).

In brief background, I run Airsoft El Paso. The site is focused primarily on forums, articles and reviews, but supports a local airsoft players group that makes use fo the functionality of extended profiles to produce custom SQL based pages to provide photos, bios, and other information about each player (It used to, anyway).

I am getting ready to attempt another 2.2.4 upgrade/install, simply because my site can not deliver what it needs to without the extended profiles functionality offered in the new version. I am not even going to bother to ask if anyone has created this type of mod because it apparently does not exist in usuable version for 2.0.x.

Don't get me wrong. I think that XOOPS is a great CMS; it just appears that at this development stage a common user has to decide which version provides the best features over functionality and make those difficult decisions in order to achieve the maximum benefit from the version selected to run a production server.

Anyways, I really appreciate what is being done here. I llok forward to seeing the next release. If I can offer any constructive criticism, mat I suggest more focus on backwards compatibility. It may affect performance somewhat, but until the 2.4 arrives, it is a necessary evil for us ignorant web site users who want everything for free.

Re: HTMLArea Module for All XOOPS
  • 2006/3/11 1:23

  • stevegreen

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This might sound stupid, but I noticed while searching after so many errors with a server repair/downgrade to 2.013.2 that the xoopsmodule.php was identified as a folder in the root class directory. I added the correct xoopsmodule.php file, and my problem was solved for many issues.

I couldn't believe it was that easy.



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