Code-plus.org Official Launch:
  • 2006/1/23 20:41

  • alitan

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I am proud to announce the launch of Code-plus.org ,the Official Website of the newest web-management portal system. Code-plus.org, in fact, was launched about three days ago, but was officially released today.
At Code-plus.org , we are trying to develop a portal that currently has the code base of XOOPS 2.0.13.x .
Here is a quick quote from the code-plus.org roadmap page:

Code-Plus is a re-branding of XOOPS Content Management System and not just a simple fork, as time will tell. My time spent managing other people websites and developing for them, has taught me some valuable lessons, namely it’s not necessary we as developers develop it’s what the end user need and require more. I feel now I can address what is more important for a Webmaster and I wish to add these new features to Code-plus.

It is for the developer to get lost coding and actually take time to actually listen to what is being asked from him, I would like to say that we will listen to you the end user and while we won’t be able to introduce all the features you would like to see, we will do out best to get those important features in there

For more info regarding CodePlus, Please visit the website:
Today, We have a strong team of developers and designers. Nevertheless, we are still seeking for the people who wish to join.
If you wish to join us, please contact us using the page bleow:
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Re: Code-plus.org Official Launch:
  • 2006/1/23 20:52

  • saeed

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Sounds good and interesting, keep up the good work!
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Re: Code-plus.org Official Launch:
  • 2006/1/24 2:27

  • supernix

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Hmmm is it just me or is all anyone seeing is just a plain grey screen with a odd graphic at the top. I have tested it on FireFox and IE6 so I know it is not just a single browser issue.

I don't think I will go into detail about how tacky this post is.

Re: Code-plus.org Official Launch:
  • 2006/1/24 3:03

  • JMorris

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Moved to holding area as this has a serious potential to incite disruption in the community and is in no way appropriate for the XOOPS.org forums.

The following message was sent to atlan regarding this action:


Posting an announcement for a fork of XOOPS is not exactly appropriate behavior. XOOPS.org is not the appropriate place to advertise the Code-Plus platform. This type of post only serves to incite disruption in the community and is not welcome at XOOPS.org.

I have placed your announcement in a closed holding area to be reviewed by the XOOPS Management Team. If they feel you post is not inappropriate, then it will be restored. Otherwise, it will not and any further attempts to post about Code-Plus will be removed as well.

Best Regards,

James Morris
Chief Moderator

Moderator Team,

Please watch for such thread in the forum and move them into the holding area immediately. I will bring the issue of such posts up to the Management Team and get a final, formal ruling as to how these situations should be handled. We may need to make another amendment to XOOPSiquette.

Please keep a close eye on the Catzwolf forking xoops? thread as well. The fire there is starting to heat up and we may need to put it out.

Best Regards,

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