Pay Pal - Part II
  • 2002/11/21 2:30

  • Sacrifice

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Back in January there was a post regarding a pay pay module for Xoops. Was wondering if anyone has completed either a pay pal module or other payment method module that would allow for subscription sites to issue passwords/access only after receipt of fund$ without any webmaster/admin input.

I notice there is a PHPNuke pay pal module that the owner charge 49.95 for, which is somewhat of a fair price if you expect to profit from their work (if it works correctly). However, since I prefer XOOPS I am looking for alternatives.

The link for those interested. The Link look for PHPPAL.



Re: Pay Pal - Part II
  • 2002/11/22 8:01

  • Herko

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I just found that the myBooks module from GiantSpider.biz has integrated PayPal downloads. Maybe you should look at that module or contact the author...


Re: Pay Pal - Part II
  • 2004/9/5 10:46

  • PayPalNuke

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That site is dead. But, good news !

I have a Paypal module very well developed, it is made to work with the subscription features of Nuke 7.1+. Someone is right now porting it to Xoops, we of course will annonce it when it is ready.
Here is the link to my site.


Re: Pay Pal - Part II

Excellent news - we do have xDonations approaching final version, but that's mainly for keeping track of donations and not actual payment for a service/product, so anything you can do to improve will be very welcomed. Especially if you can make the solution generic enough to be expanded in the future with other payment methods.

Keep up the good work.

Re: Pay Pal - Part II
  • 2004/9/5 13:48

  • FlySwatter

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This might be a temporary work around for some folks. Probably could be put in a custom block or something.

And it's FREE!

Mals e-commerce

Re: Pay Pal - Part II
  • 2004/9/17 15:12

  • toddarc

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Has there been any progress on a paypal subscription module? If anyone is getting close please post - I'm hoping I can avoid a "hack" job, but really feel the need to button up this project:)

If I end up hacking, I'll share when I'm done for those of you still looking for a solution that at least performs minimal DB updates.




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