Webmail Mod
  • 2005/11/4 13:26

  • Xetox

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What is a good webmail mod, that would allow my users to sign up for there own email, and then if possible use the interface off of my websight to check email and send....all that good jaz.

Anyone know of such a mod? Or what is the best one?

Re: Webmail Mod
  • 2005/11/4 20:16

  • hervet

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Try this one :

Re: Webmail Mod
  • 2005/11/4 21:46

  • Xetox

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Thanks, I will try it!

Do you know where the setting is to change it from user@testing.com?

Re: Webmail Mod
  • 2005/11/22 3:08

  • Tobias

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Also sqmail or TropicalMail (both in repository). TropicalMail installed quite neatly, but I don't know about the signing up feature you'd also been asking about.

I have to say, though, I ended up not liking the integration into XOOPS. Gets tight on the screen, with the menues and other items you may have configured to show on all user pages. So, I ended up firing up an independent installation of squirrelmail in a fresh window which, I think, is also better supported than the ports and what know I you may have as XOOPS modules. May be an issue, particularly when it comes to email. Sorry all hardcore XOOPSers.

Re: Webmail Mod

fyi - webmailfx is no longer supported and was buggy. The dev (kaotik) switched to a different platform and has produced Tropical Mail, which is far superior to webmailfx. Not sure what current development status is on tropical mail, though. It works fine on my site.


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