Dedicated Refresh Button
  • 2005/10/4 5:04

  • Grover

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You know what XOOPS needs? A dedicated refresh button. You know, we when you have to claw your way into the admin section, drill down into the system module, tear open the user preferences then slam on the OK button before dragging your sorry, tired butt back through three or four page loads to wherever you were working.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a tiny little block with a tiny little button on every page, hidden from normal view, that site administrators could just punch whenever we need to reload the entire site. Add in a second button that could toggle theme reloads on and off and you got a dynamite little timesaver with the potential to eliminate dozens upon dozens of unnecessary page loads on a particularly busy day.

Yes, I already have a refresh item on my main menu, hidden from popular view, that tunnels on through to system/user preferences but still reloading the site requires at least two superfluous page scrolls and two page loads and possibly four more to get back where I started. Try that 15 to 20 times a day and it's a colossal time waster. Worse, it can rattle your concentration. And yes I do use two browser windows: what a hassle. Couldn't something like this be achieved relatively easily?

Re: Dedicated Refresh Button
  • 2005/10/4 6:50

  • Herko

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It's already there: set the option Update module template .html files from themes/your theme/templates directory? to 'yes' while working. That will refresh your templates_c folder while working. Set it to 'no' when the site goes live tho.


Re: Dedicated Refresh Button
  • 2005/10/4 7:38

  • carnuke

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Another little trick I use is with Mozilla firefox.

when working admin, open another tab (Ctrl+t) with your home page loaded. Now simply change tabs and hit F5 ... easy!
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Re: Dedicated Refresh Button
  • 2005/10/4 8:50

  • mikeh

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may be wrong but think he means more about general operation of a site and below is why i think this button is a good idea

when approved/submitted a news or similar item, as have many blocks cached to 5 hours or more, then usually want to update all cached blocks, so the item dispalys straight away

the quickest way to do this at moment is to go open admin/preferences/general, scroll to bottom and hit ok

a refresh button that does this on the header of admin section would be very usefull

Re: Dedicated Refresh Button
  • 2005/10/4 14:08

  • Grover

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You hit the nail on the head mikeh. Carnuke and herko, you just restated what I already described as royal pains in the butt. No soup for you There are times when others are adding content but you don't really want them in the admin area. So how can they refresh the page?


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