Making a living building sites with Xoops ?
  • 2005/8/25 12:33

  • tedsmith

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Do many of us make a living making web sites for clients using Xoops?

I've created my lost-doggies site (see sig) which is a free service for people. And I'm currently buidling a new one for a not-for-profit organisation, but I'm doing that for free too including the future maintenance and management.

But I'm particualrly impressed with my latest site and it occured to me that some people would pay for a site of that quality (thanks to XOOPS developers especially!). In fact I was offered money but I declined. I'd feel like a bit of a cheat charging people for a site that I've built with XOOPS (despite the fact that I've spent about 200 hours of my time building, customising and testing it for their needs).

What do others think? What do others know? What is the general consensus? If people do charge, what is the going rate for an XOOPS site?



Re: Making a living building sites with Xoops ?
  • 2005/8/25 12:41

  • terrion

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Build the site, take the money, support the XOOPS commuinity in every way you can, including paying a percentage of what you make thorough donations.
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Re: Making a living building sites with Xoops ?
  • 2005/8/25 12:57

  • Antoine

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I have also built a real-eastate site using XOOPS for a company. This involved writing a custom module. This site is allmost finished, link will be posted when it is.
Since this was my first custom XOOPS work I do not charge them for this site. Any future maintenance I will charge them for however. They are a profit making organisation.

Right now I am building a medical survey system based on XOOPS for my current employer so basically I am getting payed for that since he is the one that hands me my paycheck.

The going rate should be really dependent on how much custom work has gone into the site and how much time it has cost to make it. If you have to rewrite half the kernel and all modules used are to be custom then one could imagine it'd take a lot more time and expertise (and therefore be more expensive) than an 'out of the box' XOOPS solution.

As for the going rate? For developing a custom module for a commercial organisation I would charge something close to 500 euros a day.

Re: Making a living building sites with Xoops ?
  • 2005/8/25 14:50

  • tedsmith

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Blimey...500E a day...I need to learn PHP and MySQL and fast!!

Re: Making a living building sites with Xoops ?

Just keep in mind that €500/day is not for EVERY day of the week. Sometimes you have a two-day job, then two weeks without anything. When setting the price, this has to be considered.
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