Membership Module not listing Groups
  • 2005/8/5 19:07

  • tedsmith

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I am using the new Membership Module, version 1 and XOOPS 2.0.13

I have 4 groups (including Registered Users and Webmasters). But whenever I go to the module using the site, where it says 'Select Group To Search' there is a drop down menu that only holds the Webmasters and Registered Users groups. My other 2 are not listed at all.

However, when I go to 'Manage Group Membership' all the groups are listed in the drop down menu.

So why do they show up in one, but not the other?

There is at least one user in all 4 groups by the way.

I've tried logging out then back in without any change. For testing purposes all the permissions have been granted to all the user groups. But still no joy?

Any thoughts?



Re: Membership Module not listing Groups
  • 2005/8/5 20:44

  • dheltzel

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The problem is that the user is only a member of the 2 groups. If you add yourself into all the groups they will appear for the search. The manage group page is smart enough to knwo that since you are in the webmaster group you can be trusted to see all the groups, but the search page assumes you are a mere mortal even though you are a webmaster (it just doesn't check). You could probably fix this yourself if it's a big deal, by comparing the code for the 2 pages and making them consistent.

My main focus right now is getting my modules ported to XOOPS 2.2. I have integrated the membership module into the new profiles and am going to submit the changes to Mith for possible inclusion in the next release. When you switch to 2.2, PM me and update you on my progress with those changes.

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Re: Membership Module not listing Groups
  • 2005/8/6 9:00

  • tedsmith

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Thankyou Dennis - I did as you suggested and at first it made no difference, but when I logged out and then back in again it works.

Thanks a lot for your explanation.




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