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  • 2005/8/2 23:56

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Lance_ wrote:
Loved the Abbott & Costello bit. Could hear them in my head doing the skit.

Too bad it has all those other posts in the way.

Oh yeah, that is a classic isn't it! I wondered if it would be as funny if you didn't know baseball but I had to post it because it just seemed so appropriate for this thread!
"Why can't we have a car powered on a mixture of patchouli oil, ignorance, and double standards? There seems to be an inexhaustible supply of that sh1t." - LR

Re: Php forum


So don't be smart now!

Let me make sure I understand. Are you aware that, to native English speakers, "don't be smart" is an insult? It's something a mother might say to her child, but no adult should ever say to another adult (especially a stranger).

The natural result of an insult is to get insults in return, and I am certain you know that. What I don't know is if you are intentionally insulting, or accidentally. I prefer to think it's accidental, and if that's the case, I'd like to help.

Of course, if it's intentional, no one can help.

Re: Php forum
  • 2005/8/3 17:12

  • Herko

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No need to stir this up again, Gambero has left the XOOPS community for the e107 community. I have disabled his account, but not deleted it, because then all his posts would show up as anonymous.


Re: Php forum

I am sorry to see it come to this. I have my own idea of how it all came about (I spent several years living in Latin America), but I'll let it rest.

I'm afraid I am the one who stirred the pot recently, too.

Re: Php forum
  • 2005/8/3 18:06

  • rowdie

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Why come down hard on someone for subtle nuances of the English language, when you know that they are not a native speaker? And not just once, but twice! WHY???

This is an international community, people can't afford to pay attention to nuances when reading posts - in most cases it will be completely unintentional. This is also an online community, even between native speakers there will often be misunderstandings, as the emotion and intended subtleties are hard to express using this medium.

Please just use a bit of commonsense when reading and replying to posts. And a bit of leniency and understanding wouldn't go astray either.

Re: Php forum

Rowdie, with all due respect, I didn't come down on anyone; I simply pointed out that the problem seems to stem from the very issue you mentioned, a lack of native understanding of the subtleties of the language. I am quite certain that my Portuguese, Spanish, and German would seem quite vulgar to anyone who learned any of those as his native tongue; for that reason, I am very careful when I try to converse in any language other than American English (which is different to both Canadian and British English, and almost incomprehensible in Australia) to not take offense when I *think* a possible insult has been offered; it's important to determine if the perceived "insult" is intended, or simply perceived due to my poor understanding.

I am also very well aware of cultural differences that stem from basic linguistic structures, and which lead to radically different responses from people whose native languages are different.

All of the above, in my opinion, contributed to the unfortunate results here. I don't know for certain if the same end would have come about eventually anyway, but for having commented on the contretemps in the first place, I do accept culpability, and I regret it. However, my analysis of the issue has not changed (and I have not stated it outright, so please don't assume you know what it is).

I find the phrase "can't we all just get along" to be overused to the point of triteness, but the sentiment behind it is still valid.

Believe me when I tell you that, if I chose to "come down" on someone, not only would there be no doubt whatsoever in your mind about my intentions, I'd probably be banned from the forums. I don't think these forums are the place for that sort of behavior, though, if, indeed, there is a proper place.

Now I'd really like to drop it, unless someone is absolutely determined to get in the last word (in which case, please say so, and I'll avoid responding).

Re: Php forum
  • 2005/8/4 6:01

  • siweb

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Gambero, you were right, posts were edited, but have some patience next time.

Gambero, prav si imel, objave so bile urejene, samo drugič imej malo več potrpljenja.


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