Error Page Hacking???


Where can I hack the troubleshooting page? And why do you have it set so that this page displays in a public forum when there is something wrong with a website? It does an website administrator no go, and it's not a good thing to announce to the world what application is running your website, it's inviting hackers to hack it. Can someone please tell me where this include command is? It's displaying on my home page, and I need to get it off ASAP!! I'd rather have a blank page than this message.


This page cannot be displayed due to an internal error.

If you are the administrator of this site, please visit the XOOPS Troubleshooting Page for assistance.

Error [Xoops]: Unable to connect to database in file class/database/databasefactory.php line 34


Re: Error Page Hacking???

sorry for being a little harsh in my earlier message, just frustrated with all the technical meltdowns I'm having this morning - from my website to my personal computer, I'm just ready to throw it all out the window and go to a cabin somewhere and write letters. grrr....

Re: Error Page Hacking???

Your site cannot connect to your database, for any number of reasons, most commonly the name, username or password is wrong, but it could be another issue.

If you want to quickly display a blank page, just upload an empty index.html to your root folder.

Re: Error Page Hacking???

well at this point I don't care why it isn't working, I'm assuming it's a server issue, what I'm concerned with is the text on the error handling page, I don't want it there, and I tried editing the errorhandling.php page, but it didn't really work. It just looks cheesy, and is a security flaw to have it say that the database isn't connecting and oh by the way we're using XOOPS and MySQL in a public forum where hackers can get hold of that information. I don't mind that page appearing on the admin side, but I despise the fact that it shows up on the home page.

Re: Error Page Hacking???

There really isn't any security issue there, any cracker would not find the information displayed on the page usful and it wouldn't tell them anything they wouldn't already know or be able to find out a differnt way. But it does tell you what is stopping your site from working properly.



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