Re: copyright issues -> http://www.simdigital.com.br

Well I feel inclined to leave it, freedom of speech, open source and all that, but if everybody is in agreement that it's not breaking the GPL I'll remove the topic.

Re: How to force the users of ours site to use safe passwords?

Nice work. I would suggest submitting the code here

Re: copyright issues -> http://www.simdigital.com.br

Hello all,

Posts relating to subjects other than 'copyright issues ->http://www.simdigital.com.br' have been removed. Please keep on topic, and keep the conversation civil. If it get's out of hand the conversation will need to be taken off these forums.

If you believe users to be using multiple accounts let a moderator know and report the post, don't post it on the forums.

Re: module limit?

There's no module limit take a look at the amount of modules on the site in my sig \/ lol

Re: user post edit

No we use NewBB2, but we will shortly be ugrading to CBB.

Re: Http:// works, http://www does not

Works for me too, sounds like the DNS is still resolving, this can take up to 72hrs or longer to reflect all over the web.

Re: Do something big help save this boys life

Reply from Wizanda on 2006/8/11 14:27:

Ok things to do!
1) Apricot kernels and other pips provide a natural form of cyanide, that will attack foreign cells in the body, eating plenty will reduce and can stop cancer.
2) something we have noticed also is possibly the cure for aids as well as it stems from same place is sapoins; now Bach made a list of these and they clean the blood stream producing more white blood cells to fight the cancer it self.
Hope that helps, you can find their research yet that is simplified...from our spiritual research and the fact my cousin died of cancer so my family did lots of research.
That is the apricot kernels…
The bread of life is made of horse chestnuts from what we can access; and of things we have tried and researched our self currently.
Yet you have to be also aware that most alien elements need removing from the diet i.e. meat alcohol and especially all them daft drugs, that one leads to the next as they miss the sugars needed to absorbed them; which with the plants seeds them self’s are contained.
So get bags of apricot kernels and not too many will clean the blood, the more that can be done like this it is known to stop cancers forming and continuing.
Get back to us on our site for more info, as that is it's cause....
Peace B with U

Re: Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (64 bits)

Ubuntu is really a desktop o/s (which I use at home) although it could be used to run a webserver, but I would strongly recommend the 32bit version if using Ubuntu. A better o/s for a webserver would be CentOS.

Re: User Posting Under My Account

Have you changed you password? Remember that when logging into XOOPS (and most user based websites) your password is not sent over a secure connection, so anybody with the know-how could see the password.

Google Notebook

This is a cool little browser plugin/website. It's going to stop me sending about 20 emails to myself every day


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