Re: What's going on with XOOPS
  • 2005/5/19 9:39

  • solo71

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Another concern regarding those forks are the name given. Some times ago, user could find XOOPS and E-Xoops, which was confusing. Fortunately the E-Xoops team changed their name in Run CMS. Which is a very good point.

Now that we are talking about 3 forks (Xoops.org, Xoop Jap, and XOOPS Catzwolf), how are we going to deal with this ?

Re: Whats going on with XOOPS
  • 2005/5/19 10:42

  • davidl2

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Dunno - but i'm happy here...

Re: Whats going on with XOOPS
  • 2005/5/19 11:48

  • kalhell

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Hello all,

It's my first post here and I feel very concerned about this topic. I have used Mambo for 7 months and started to use XOOPS 2 months ago.

I change to XOOPS because it gives me more possibilities for my community web site than mambo and it's well documented.

I think the crisis you are facing is logical and necessary. XOOPS becomes bigger like it's community. After looking to XOOPS Nightly version, I see that XOOPS tries to answer to needs like flexibility and presentation for webmasters. And I think it's the biggest gap between Mambo and Xoops... I dunno if it will be possible to add the security the Jap Team is implementing to XOOPSPHERE which is really important. But for me the future of XOOPS is through what's coming...

After the rain comes the sun !!! Keep motivation and go from the front one...


Re: Whats going on with XOOPS
  • 2005/5/19 12:27

  • ilivanov

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After wathin this and other threads here on official XOOPS forums, I cant understand why the current (forked) core developers, dont listen the community, where are the patches provided to XOOPS and why there are not implemented in the core ?

As u can read from the following thread -http://forum.mamboserver.com/showthread.php?t=946&page=10&pp=10

Most of the XOOPS developers, which creates the best modules for X2, move out from XOOPS, what happend the Japanes founder of XOOPS ? This X2 is not the XOOPS, just another fork... It have to change the name to Mith's XOOPS or something

After year of searching why my sites looks and stay better with XOOPS 1.3 against those with Mith's XOOPS, now I understand it thanks to Catz and Predator.

IF the original XOOPS is so bad, ugly, insecure etc., why all developers from the XOOPS which not agree with Mith forks the XOOPS 1 Japs Edition (the real one xoops) ?

Before to say - why I'm complaining instead of help, take a look back in time for Unicode problem, Mith says - Will be ISO, and no UNICODE ... (I'm sure something like this is happed before E-xoops to born).

Before to say X2.1 Administration is new, fast and stable, take one year in the past in Ciamos CVS, they all ready created before this X2.1 - www.ciamos.com.

XOOPS (Mith's Edition) Italian Support site (for sure no more official, update your links), creates a patch similar to Marcan's ML 2.0, but a little bit better, whith option and detailed description how to hack existing ciamos modules to enable display to one or all available languages, no one here listen to (this is the easiest way to make X Multi Language enabled.

In some community boards, I saw not only one time, XOOPS loosing his speed when comes with huge ammount of data, and in the begining I wont believe them - XOOPS is faster, yeah, but they notices are true, XOOPS fill with more data, downloads users, X2 is slower than everything else even and Nuke.

My task is over (Bulgarian translation, both of them Mith's way, and Unicoded), all other planned and started translations will be released when are ready. One CMS without international support will go in ... history, no matter that Bulgaria is a small country, sooner or later with this actions against XOOPS community u will loose and others, Chinese are on the way, Japanese is out, Italian too.

Thanks to this community I learn some good points... Thanks guys, special thanks to Marcan's help (ML author), Frankblack (Debaser author), Rowd (Sitelang auhor) and some ppl from the Japanese community (cant remeber all the nicks).

Re: Whats going on with XOOPS
  • 2005/5/19 12:34

  • damaster

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We used to say here "Post Tenebras Lux"

- After darkness the light!

Well, have the choice among the individual branchs of the XOOPS project can be a good thing for the user, if he can assemble the best of each one.

A Xoopser who's keeping optimism to stay Zen!
I like people more than machines or money. But that's me!
Lets do something good and great: Lets do open source!

Re: Whats going on with XOOPS

where are the patches provided to XOOPS and why there are not implemented in the core ?

In XOOPS CVS Nightly.

Before to say - why I'm complaining instead of help, take a look back in time for Unicode problem, Mith says - Will be ISO, and no UNICODE ... (I'm sure something like this is happed before E-xoops to born).

Thank you for giving me so much credit as to being the only one doing anything for XOOPS. Thank you for thinking that nothing will every be done unless I do it.
Thank you for being wrong.

I have never meant that unicode is bad or useless (a word, you use quite a lot) but it is not something I prioritise highly. And anybody who belive they can change my mind by saying "I think that it should be implemented" without any arguments of any kind, no explanations of why the need is so great and no clear benefits that I can understand without reading extensively about it... well, they are wrong.

I neither can nor will investigate every suggestion. If the suggester does not think it is important enough to give a proper explanation, why should I think it is important enough to spend time and resources on it?

Re: Whats going on with XOOPS
  • 2005/5/19 12:51

  • pod

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I was just saying the other day that WWIII couldn't happen so long as we have the internet, citing XOOPS as evidence of that - because so long as so many very different people from all over the world can communicate & collectively create something as cool as XOOPS has become, we could never demonize eachother as necessary in times of war. If you look at the XOOPS project from a Zen kinda perspective, its amazing to have come so far, & its a great accomplishment to have done so when the global climate would sooner rip us all apart. Our current state of flux seems a metaphor for the greater macrocosm, as political ties break & the various nations turn inward.

But at the same time, I like the individuality that has developed between the various *official* nation-based support sites, I like that for lack of a "mascot" many of the individual sites have created their own, & I can see them all happily coexisting in Xoopsland somewhere, even if every one of them grabs a fork & runs with it.
Let there be 20 forks, imagine the potential... just so long as they keep enough of the *core* intact that they could be interchangeable, sharing functions & modules as they evolve. That might even be really, really cool.


Re: Whats going on with XOOPS
  • 2005/5/19 14:49

  • Coreace

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Let me look at it this way... How many forks have been forked out of the all forks in the open source environment?. If you look back in history, quite a few including most or all the major content management systems.

Why? Because an excellent developer cannot be a manager and vice versus. A plumber cannot be a marketing Guru, there are exceptions but there are few abouts. There is a difference in 'wannabee' leaders and true leaders who understand the market and can back it up.

I am not saying XOOPS is full of crap people trying to manage each other, I am saying the above is designed by history and XOOPS is likely to lose more developers and clients by acting slow.

Compare that with commercial versions where forks are almost none-exsistent compared to the GPL/Open Source software (in general, don't pick). Why? They are organised better and their diciplin is working.

Predator and Catz were 2 of if not the best module developers, producing modules that were actually useful for the community. Needless to say their coding practise where great too. Mambo have no idea how lucky they are having them now onboard.

Xoops: Get this sorted out quick before you start to lose more people. There have been forks before and this 2nd batch of jumpers should tell you that your management cannot be trusted to do the job that were assigned. The way you 'employ' new developers/managers will have to be changed too. You should get more senior people joining into your team as none-developers. A developer is afterall a developer, same can be said for a senior manager. You need to balance those two, having too much of one will divide your team - hence the jumps.

Besides, where is the loyalty? From what I can see, you have had some people in the past jumping grounds due to 'internal' conflicts. This can be avoided by taking in the right people for the right job.

Good luck with your re-structure.

Re: Whats going on with XOOPS
  • 2005/5/19 14:58

  • phppp

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Kazu, congratulations to your team and I am happy to see Mr minahito is now active with your CVS.

@Coreace, can not agree with you more on "get more senior people joining into your team as none-developers. A developer is afterall a developer, same can be said for a senior manager." I think this is the key point I was trying to speak out and I heard that several teams are being planned or organized. Hope it will work out soon.

Re: Whats going on with XOOPS

I don't understand why people focus so much on the negative (2 to a smaller or bigger degree inactive developers joining another project) and so little on the positive (3 new core developers joined, roadmap for XOOPS 2.2 published, access to nightly CVS versions of next XOOPS version - and more)

We are looking at the future - not at the past (feel free to euphemisms like "He who does not know his past knows not his future" but I'm not going to dwell at what has happened and what could have happened. I'm going to make sure that XOOPS 2.2 is released next month whatever people want me to or not)


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