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wfsection - and I can pull out Bunny who has dealt with Kazu several times and can explain why he was kicked from the XOOPS team shortly before XOOPS 2. You know what though, its all he-said-she-said BS anyway.

Re: What's going on with XOOPS


Mithrandir wrote:
Regarding moving all the local sites to xoops.org, I'm not sure that is what the local sites want (correct me if I'm wrong).

Yes. you're right. If we move to xoops.org what is the purpose of our local sites then. but there must be a connection between local site representative and xoops.org staff. or create another users group for local site representative in this site. so, we can know each other. people will know who is the representative for each of the local site. this is not necessary, but we should find ways so that communication between xoops.org & local site as good as it can be.

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  • 2005/4/28 1:29

  • davidl2

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Which sounds like a good compromise... so long as the chosen representative was someone everyone was happy with.

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  • 2005/4/28 4:05

  • ayumi

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wfsection and LazyBadger, Thank you for your comments.
I think you guys show us the point of this matter. Yes, we can report security bugs to the core team. But I heard some developer felt difficulties to reflect the bug fix to the core releases speedy.
It may be difference of way of thinking. There are many different needs toward one XOOPS. I think it is inevitable to have a new fork.

At this time, there are no detailed announcements of the new XOOPS fork at www.xoopscube.jp.
The 4th XOOPS Conference will be held on Saturday 21st of May in Tokyo.
I expect there would be announcements of new XOOPS fork’s features, concepts and roadmap at the conference. A report of the 3rd XOOPS Conference is here. If you would like to join the conference, please send PM to me.
I also expect the new XOOPS fork would come with English language files and English support.
Simply, We just have a new choice. Please take it easy and enjoy xooping!

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  • 2005/4/28 4:21

  • kiang

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Mithrandir wrote:
2. Not following you entirely. You mean a list of contacts for e.g. the French support site in the event of the webmaster not being available? Isn't that a task for the support site to make their contact points available? On the other hand, I do see the point of having e.g. a "2nd in command" who is not listed as the webmaster of the site, but who the xoops.org staff or other local support site representatives could contact... I don't know, really. I expected some 2-3 people from each support site being involved in this - plus a handful of people to coordinate, write WOX newsletters, picking up information here and there etc.

In Taiwan, there are two or more local community support site. Because webmasters try to limit the posts more and more or they make the site be personal style which full of the information about personal business. So it's sad that there are two community sites for XOOPS in Taiwan. I think the situation may happened in other countries. The contact point I mean just like the guy who could transfer information between local community site and here. Maybe the guy who don't like to stay at the official local community site but would like to let the world know what happened in local area, like me.

Is this project an open source project?? Yes, you don't have to open everything here. But you'll make more and more gaps between us if you try to make more private areas here. Something happened similarly in egroupware. Some developers hated to communicate in private areas and then the fighting happened. There's a result :


Some developers were sad and left. They now only limit the post privilege but open all information for the whole community. I hope there will be no the same fighting here.

You could try to send the latest news to all webmasters who in charge of the local community site. Using mailing list in sf.net or dev.xoops.org is great. The process could even be automatic sent when the news are submited.

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  • 2005/4/28 6:28

  • m0nty

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news aside, what i'd like to know now and i'm sure many others is, after all this dscussion and heated posts both highlighting differences and bad feeling between xoops.org and the japanese community.. is there going to be some discussion to sort differences out between each other and allow XOOPS to grow in a way that pleases everybody.. there has to be some compromise somewhere, and i'm pretty sure nobody wants to fork unless they feel they have to? history aside and differences, can we at least start over and move forward in a positive manner.

Re: Whats going on with XOOPS

is there going to be some discussion to sort differences out between each other and allow XOOPS to grow in a way that pleases everybody

Anybody and everybody are welcome to join in the discussion.

Just like anybody and everybody are encouraged to help out with the development by stepping up and taking the lead on matters instead of staying on the sideline, complaining.

Every single person in the core team has seen one or more things that weren't as they should be and done something to make it better

Why Catzwolf left, I don't know. He told us that it was because of a new job and a fragile health. I thought higher of him than what you describe, Liquid.

I would also like to take this opportunity to bury a myth: We are doing a LOT to keep module compatibility with any new core version. Some XOOPS 1.3 compatibility will be lost in the future when it comes to modules and themes, but the XooSphere architecture will NOT make current modules useless (who on Earth has led you to believe that?).

The Core team should do more, develop more things in the core and manage more ... while developers who give up or find something they like better elsewhere are martyrs who fought against the "evil empire". I don't get that. By placing more and more functionality in modules, it will be easier for "outsiders" to develop something better without even having to involve the core development. Isn't that better than "fighting the evil empire"? Of course we cannot just supply a platform and say "here it is - now it's your responsibility to make it useful for the end-users". Of course we will have to steer development of relevant modules so we can market XOOPS as a complete system and not just a development platform. I will do what I can to encourage this development, but it is not like I can just say to someone "OK, we need this module and you are going to buid it. It needs to be like this. Get to work" - I can only say what is needed and hope for someone to step up to the task. It HAS to be a voluntary effort by developers, who want to contribute to XOOPS.

I still don't understand the need for double-posting local news. This information is already being posted on the local sites, so why not let the local site representatives take it from there and translate it for others to use? Why draw local site users to xoops.org just for re-posting what they have already posted on the local site?

Re: Whats going on with XOOPS

Just a little observation:

Brash and Jdseymour have of their own effort offered to re-open the WOX newsletter. Monty and davidl2 have said they will help. Shine, Kiang and Tripmon have participated with suggestions.

Noone has offered to compile a list of local support site representatives, even though all suggestions have involved them in one way or another...

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  • 2005/4/28 9:52

  • brash

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Compiling a list of local support contacts was one of the first things I had on the agenda before we can revive WOX Mith. First though I think those that have stepped up to the plate need somewhere were we can at least get a plan of attack together without interuption. I'm all for public discussion, but the signal to noise ratio can sometimes prevent anything actually getting done. I propose we get our plan together, then put it to the core team, and if all OK announce it to the public for suggestions/comments. Thoughts?

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  • 2005/4/28 9:58

  • davidl2

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MSN is probably quickest - pls feel free to add me to your msn list WOX people :)


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