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jmass wrote:
IE is a small price to pay for data about data.

Thank you Bill Gates. Thank you for telling me not only what browser I should use, but also what OS I must.

Don't forget, there is no IE for Linux. So it is much TOO HIGH a price to pay.

Just IMHO of course.


I think you have it backwards...

NoAh does not support IE at this time.

Re: Jamroom-like Module for Music Artists to make profiles and music uploads
  • 2005/2/21 16:55

  • m0nty

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hmmm, i disagree.. in my opinion this module HAS to be cross-browser compatible or it will be of no use to me whatsoever..

i can't tell my members and the recod company PR people and promotions staff that they have to start installing and using other software just to be able to submit events, profiles and bio's..

all i need is a module that can do the suggestions that are highlighted on pages 1 - 4 of this thread and some other suggestions as mentioned previously..

Re: Jamroom-like Module for Music Artists to make profiles and music uploads

We were talking about the module NoAh. Not the music module.

Music Module...


I still have 100 bucks towards dev time.

Re: Music Module...
  • 2005/2/25 4:23

  • hyperpod

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I still want to code this module.

but the requirements list are a litlle different per person.

Is there a common list of requirements we can start with that will cover most peoples needs?

Specific features would then need to be added to the base.

What should the first milestone be? the easier it is the sooner it will happen.

count me in on coding this.

But I also got slightly different requirements from the original posters of this thread. (I was LavaBurst back in the beginning of this thread)

Lets boil it down so we can digest the features needed for the first milestone.


Re: Music Module...
  • 2005/2/25 5:01

  • hyperpod

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Im gunna start this module.

Milestone 1: just the profile page..

Contact Info
(more added later, i will keep it open)

Ability for user to create a new profile.
Admin can approve new profiles.
User can edit own profile page

There will be an index page listing all profiles.
(eventually made to handle more than 30)

Milestone 2: adding media and listening to it

Allow user to add mp3 to their profile.

When viewing the users profile page, it will allow you to select which track to hear, and utilize a FlashMX mp3 streamer to listen to it.

This will allow file uploads or http path

Track number
Track Name
short desc
actual file

Milestone 3: adding XOOPS comment system

Allowing other users to add comments to profile page.


Then once we reach this point, we can add all the other features that were needed from this phat thread ;)

This will allow me to think about one thing at a time.

Starting now...

Best Regards,

Re: Music Module...
  • 2005/2/25 5:02

  • Wheeler

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Just to let you know...

I have been fiddling around with some code and testing possible module functions. I think I have a different approach to this module and the results may be surprising.

I am not sure if 'What I want to do' can be possible. Development has not started yet. I am just testing some ideas and fresh code.

I will keep you posted.

Re: Music Module...
  • 2005/2/25 5:11

  • Wheeler

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Daniel Hall (hyperpod),
you will build this module? That "sounds great". I am a beginner php programmer and trying to know XOOPS inside and out. I will help you out as much as I can. Thank You!

Re: Music Module...
  • 2005/2/25 6:42

  • hyperpod

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Yep, ive already started, going to build it and release a preview at each milestone, so progress is seen.

If you want to test it, that would be great.
I know theres a few others willing to test as well.

I want to try to minimize some feedback along the way. Some things will obviously need to be added, that i wont get to right away.

Thats why I laid out the first 3 milestones.

And also, if its been mentioned on this thread, I am taking it into consideration...

after reaching version 1.0, i will release it to the module repository.

Lets Roll!


Re: Music Module...
  • 2005/2/25 8:51

  • hyperpod

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Within a few hours, here is what I have working so far.


its just a humble beginning, next step, im gunna add the form to allow registered users to submit their page.




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