Re: Can we use freely xoopy mascotte ?
  • 2004/1/12 19:38

  • Herko

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Dave_L is right there. Only government stuff is PUBLIC DOMAIN by default. As I'm typing this, I'm discussing with the artist (who doesn't speak English -only Japanese, so communication is slow) about making material available for the community. Untill that's settled, he owns all copyrights for the images.

Please Panos, not everything restricted is bad ANd for the rest: hang on in there, we're working on it!


Re: Can we use freely xoopy mascotte ?
  • 2004/1/12 19:44

  • Panos

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Please Panos, not everything restricted is bad ANd for the rest: hang on in there, we're working on it!


No, no, no! That is not what I meant or even implied! On the contrary, I said that it is up to the author to decide on the licensing scheme, so that people will not steal his work or anything related.

He may very well restrict it and basically do anything he likes with it.

Re: Can we use freely xoopy mascotte ?
  • 2004/1/12 19:50

  • hervet

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Please "keep cool", I just wanted a XOOPS mascotte to put on some pages of my web site talking about some XOOPS codes I've made...


Re: Can we use freely xoopy mascotte ?

@Panos - I'd also like to stress that my replies were in no way arguing whether it is legal to use it, but it would be frowned upon very much by the official XOOPS peeps if you did spew out things with Xoopy on it.

Whether it is legal or not, I let other people agree on.

Re: Can we use freely xoopy mascotte ?
  • 2005/2/10 21:00

  • keihan

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I am a professional 3D artist and just to shed light on the grey area here. I'll make it very clear. If I create something artistic, I do not need to include a license one way or another. It is protected by law from it's inception. If someone steals that, however, the burden of proof is upon me to prove that I am the creator of the original. If I place a copyright tag on it with date, this can be impled but not a guarantee that I am the original author. Creation dates in CG files help. The best way (outside of registering with your country's copyright office), however, is to generate a physical copy or photograph of your creation and mail it to yourself in a sealed envelope. The sealed envelop will have a date stamp from the postal service on it. Never open the envelop except if the need should arise in a court of law over a dispute of copyright ownership.

To make it clear, again, a work of art does not need to have any implicit license or copyright tag to be protected by law. It is always protected.

Re: Can we use freely xoopy mascotte ?
  • 2005/2/10 21:22

  • JMorris

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THANK YOU! You just cleared up an area in which I had much confusion. Excellent suggestion too, BTW.

Re: Can we use freely xoopy mascotte ?
  • 2005/2/11 0:10

  • ajaxbr

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Panos wrote:
My friend, there is no such thing in the real world and that wouldn't stand in any court, in any country. There is no such thing as 'implicitly copyrighting' something.
Actually there's such thing in the real world. Sometimes it's harder to make a given piece of work have no copyrights than to claim implicit copyrights, depending on the country's (and/or area's) laws.
E.g. here, and Quote:
...from GigaLaw® under a Fair Use premise (all copyrights owned by GigaLaw®):
(...)The way in which copyright protection is secured is frequently misunderstood. No publication or registration or other action in the Copyright Office is required to secure copyright. There are, however, certain definite advantages to registration.

Copyright is secured automatically when the work is created, and a work is "created" when it is fixed in a copy or phonorecord for the first time.(...)



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