Stablility of xcGallery

Downloaded xcGallery RC 1.1 from this site. Document says "This Version is the first release candidat, this means it isn't stable and maybe there are some little bugs."

And there project(http://www.myxoopsforge.org/modules/xfmod/project/?xcgal) page took me to http://www.xoops2.org where no files under xcGallery folder.

Since I need a Available feature rich and STABLE Galerry for latest XOOPS, should I go with it?

Re: Stablility of xcGallery
  • 2005/1/30 8:00

  • scorpian

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xcGallery RC 1.1 is quite stable to use, I have used it for a while for my site www.tai-cheong.com. Although the module still need to improve, all software always need to improve. :)

You may need to modify a little to fit you own site, but quite stable to use.

Re: Stablility of xcGallery
  • 2005/1/30 8:29

  • kiwiguy

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I have been using XCgallery for now 8 months and with only slight issues which have been a overlook on myself I myself would not recommend anything else than xcgallery


Re: Stablility of xcGallery

Nice work. It would be helpful if I can know those slight issues in advance.
Informative forum articles links are highly appreciated.

Re: Stablility of xcGallery
  • 2005/1/30 9:39

  • kiwiguy

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Well I tend to have regular blonde moments as long as you set the correct permissions you will be ok. 777 to the albums and userpics folder in your server and also in the xcgal/prefernces section of your admin menu.

The only other issue I had is that it has a problem working on "safe mode on" there is a fix for this that may help which is by uncommentin 1 line in this file


the original code is


simply uncomment that line so it should look like this after the change


It seems whilst on safe mode on you are unable to send ecards. Also the GD library is unable to support gif files it only supports jpg and png so you will need to have imagemagik supported on your server you will need to get the url to imagemagik off your hosting provider. It is hoped that the next version of GD Library will have gif support.

I still recommend xcgallery as it is stable with just issues with working completly on safe mode on sites but that fix should help out with that problem.
hope that helps

Re: Stablility of xcGallery
  • 2005/2/15 18:55

  • zugtech

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I have the same issue. Can't find eCards. I have set permissions in both places and it just won't find them. I'm only using jpg. Also, if you look at my site MyThaiWorld.com on the photo gallery, it's not showing all the colors of the images. If you open the image up it shows just fine but the preview doesnt show all colors. Any luck with this one?

Re: Stablility of xcGallery
  • 2005/2/15 19:13

  • Peekay

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I posted a fix in the 'comments' for this module in the module repository. Always worth taking a look at the comments if there are any.

This should sort your ecard location issue:Quote:

I couldn't get eCards to work (clicking link in email opened a window saying 'couldn't find ecard') - until I modified the eCard text in the preferences. The original text reads:

{S_NAME}({S_MAIL}) has sent an ecard for you.
Please, pick it up at {CARD_LINK}).

I removed trailing ). and it worked. Should read:

{S_NAME}({S_MAIL}) has sent an ecard for you.
Please, pick it up at {CARD_LINK}

This should solve your thumbnail colour issue:

It's also important to select the right GD-lib version to get decent quality thumbnails. The default setting is for v1, but most servers will probably have v2.


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