Is this possible in Xoops?
  • 2005/1/26 23:16

  • PatsRule

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Hi.. I was wondering if this was possible. I want to make a few pages with the .php or if need be .htm extension accessible only to registered members. Since I use the Sections module for article content, there are no template files in the admin sections so I can edit to add code. To block links for anon to these articles if I put them on my home page, I add the session ID in the link. In admin templates I have only Forums, System, Members, Polls, and Downloads (not used at the moment).

The pages have a .js file as well as another javascript in the head part of these documents. It's a sorting script. I know I can add the the javascript point to the .js file in the head of the theme html file if need be, but the javasript will give me an error if i don't put the body direction to it in the theme.html. I don't want it appearing on all the pages. So the head part needs to contain this:

script language="JavaScript" src="location of my file in Xoops/sortable_table.js"></script> (left out the opening < in case it messed up the post page). This script creates the table. Another javascript with the data and variables needs to be under this one. Then the body script pointing to the data needs to be included which will point to that one.

I've fried my brain here trying to figure out how i can include this in my site and give only registered members access. I've had it in there using regular html pages and using a link but that gives all access to it.

Maybe I'm missing something obvious but I'm still learning all of this. Any suggestions?

Re: Is this possible in Xoops?
  • 2005/1/26 23:21

  • GSake

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Why not just use wiwimod module from xavier jimenez? Sections suck I think...

u can set group permissions by page.

wiki style developement and no java shit needed.

comments avialable, last modified date , page hierarchy, etc etc

but you will need to migrate the conent you have...

Re: Is this possible in Xoops?
  • 2005/1/27 0:00

  • sbkiller

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GSake, watch your language.

There's a static content features based in Xoops.
If you look into one of the XOOPS Document, it explain or search the forum for this problem.

All you need is some header code to pull the template into the static content then you can make custom link to it by using "multimenu" module.

Re: Is this possible in Xoops?
  • 2005/4/28 15:59

  • biglove

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I've been looking for a wiki that I can set permissions to allow only registered users to make changes.

Will this module allow that?

Ideally, I would like to be able to set up a wiki and designate certain elements of the page that would allow only the Webmaster to change. The rest of the page would be be modifiable by Registered users.




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