imagemanager hacks
  • 2004/10/25 12:31

  • j0sh78

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i think that is quite simple to hack imagemanager to resize uploaded images automatically...

somebody's working for it?

Re:imagemanager hacks
  • 2004/10/25 14:30

  • limecity

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Ermm.. no?
if u do find it.. just me know too~

btw.. you might want to checkout myalbum module,
i think i read something previous that got to do with image manager

Re:imagemanager hacks
  • 2004/11/16 5:44

  • gravies

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I have hacked the built in XOOPS imagemanager to allow it to resize images and insert a thumb and a link to the original file.

I wanted to keep it simple so I only modified imagemanager.php. This is not ideal and if you upload from the admin page it does not work. We really need an image class and full integration of images into XOOPS core (or a new default module). I am sure this is planned for 2.2

To Install this hack:

Download the zip

Unzip the file
Edit the location of convert (if not /usr/bin/)
Edit the desired size of thumbs (if not 200x200)
Backup imagemanager.php
Copy over imagemanager.php with new file
Create an image category with large size.
Test upload and insertion of image.
No need to update in admin as no database changes

I wanted to have the fullsize image popup in a sized window. However, the preview panel gets messed up if you use HTML instead of bbcode [URL].

The admin manager should be hacked too.

Hope this helps you.

Re:imagemanager hacks
  • 2005/8/11 15:24

  • Lyrick

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sounds good, but does it work with 2.2

i ve some probelms wih 2.2 uploadad images, specially @ the extendend userprofiles won´t be shown right, because after a restrart u see the html link an code, but not the XOOPS coden - Thumbnails are a great improvement for the image manager.... ...but users must have the chance to create own albums, and not do upoads in cases, which were allwed or created by the admin!!! Can this your hack, i´ll try it...

Re:imagemanager hacks
  • 2005/11/12 3:11

  • jdpena

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Is there a way to hack your imagemanager.php to just resize the photo and do away with the original. I want users to be able to add photos to their posts, but i don't necessarily want to keep full sized images on my server. I've tried different ways of doint this with little success. First I tried using Myalbu-P as an imagemanager replacement which worked great except for the fact that it didn't work with WYSIWYG Editors, namely koivi. I found your script and it's perfect except for the fact that I have full size images filling up my hard drive. Please help if you can


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