Re: Credits v1.3 now available
  • 2004/10/1 14:52

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OneJadedGirl wrote:


Please produce the copyrighted code and the attached license model stating that the code is copyrighted by you, and that Daniel didn't have full permission to use the code. If you don't produce this evidence within a day or two, we will take action preventing you to make these (unfounded) accusations on our public forums.


on a sidenote: code released under the GPL is patented and copyrighted, it just has an explicit licence grating everyone to use and re-use the code.

Re: Credits v1.3 now available
  • 2004/10/1 18:33

  • Arowana

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I had a simalar problem with lavaburst.

He had asked me to post a review about his work and I wasn't going to because I felt it was better to say nothing at all at the time. Now seeing I am not the only one who has had a simalar problem with him I felt maybe I should post it.

I employed Lavaburst to dev. private code for me. He even asked me how I wanted to lic. it. He said are you going to release it as GPL i said No not at this time I want to take the time and perfect it. After all it was our first time working together and the first module we were going to release. He then took it upon himself to change the name of it and release it for free. I called Lavaburst on it and he took the code down, and agreed to make it up to me by dev. another concept of mine for me called xCredits. I felt better about the relationship we were trying to work on but I did not totally trust him.

Lavaburst sent me a non working final module for xcredits and I told him about it. He then said he would take a look at it for me and I never heard anything else from him until a few days later to see he had done it to me again. Took my xCredits module, fixed it, renamed it, changed bits of the code, and released it as Credits.

Then went on to bash me and my practices of how I run my website like saying "for some reason you have to register at http://moh.xoaclan.com." The final straw was for him to remove my credits for the credits module. Take a look at the code, first there is a lot of code that is not needed in there and looks like he used another module as a base. That kind of supports that other guys claim. Second, the original differences between xCredits and Credits, xcredits points everything to index.php credits points to main.php, inside the code for Credits it was exactly the same EXCEPT credits got renamed to creds in the code, and I used a smarty template where he used that "movie style"

Now he has added new features but the extra code is still in there today. Any programmer can see it, I am not a programmer but once it was pointed out to me we removed it and the code still worked just fine.

Honestly, I thought XOOPS was a place to create a module, release it to the public, and as a group make it better. All I have gotten out of this was a bad taste, you release something then someone changes a few things on it and instead of working with that person, They changed the name of the module, take off his credits and re-release it? Why would we as a group want 100 different modules that all do tha same thing? This site is to bring us together to work on this not rip other people off out of credits, code, and or money.

Lavaburst you wanted my review, honestly I had 3 other concepts I was going to let you do for me and again pay you to do so. After all this I cant trust you nor would I recommend you as a programmer to anyone. You promised me a sweet module but at the same time I felt ripped off. I paid you in advance for your time and you took your time. I was waiting for you to come back and ask for more cash. I was faithful to this business transaction and I expected the same professionalism out of yourself but you did not return it.

Sorry for taking so long but as a group maybe you needed to know what has happened so the proper credits are given to the proper people. After all that is what xCredits was to be all about. Make it easy for everyone to proudly display the credits for the people and all their hard work, not hide it away on a hidden link at the bottom of the page or put it in a txt file inside the module download. It was set up so you the user could see a module and know where to get it from without searching the code and or the internet all day and night only not to find it.

Re: Credits v1.3 now available
  • 2004/10/6 1:11

  • lavaburst

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This last message is riddled with lies.
Here is my reply.

We started this project and you had a great idea for a module. You are not a programmer. You have stated several times. That is why you hire programmers.
That’s why you hired me, to program a specific solution for your clan site, which was xRoster, which you are happily running on your site.

Then you wanted to develop the module towards a direction I didn’t agree with. This led to the split of our voluntary partnership. It was your idea, and I agreed to code it for free. You have never paid one single dime for the development of your module, xCredits 1.0.

So I am free to release any version of the module I want, with code that I CREATED from scratch, or from other modules I have written.

I have never stolen any code, as you claim in several messages cluttering the XOOPS forum. I use my own code!

Looking at your latest releases, I question if your can state the same!

I am really sorry I got tangled up with you. This is a mess I would appreciate it if you do not post any more negative messages against me on the public forum. I believe this should be handled privately between us and not in a public forum.

Most people who pay for modules are proud to let the code go into the open source community with their credits. And they really appreciate seeing others using their code to create other applications. You have a problem with open source. Why don’t you tell us all your definition of "Open Source"??

I have never done anything wrong. Your claims are lies and we caught you using other nicks to lie against me.

Its all about being productive. Which you have proven that you are not productive, wasting your time posting CRAP.

Here is a quote from the GPL License:

If you modify your copy or copies of the program or any portion of it, or develop a program based upon it, you may distribute the resulting work provided you do so under the GNU General Public License. Any translation of the GNU General Public License must be accompanied by the GNU General Public License.



Please stop.
You have no proof since i never did anything wrong. Espeically as I have credited you for the idea, contrary to your public statements suggesting otherwise.

You have no proof since I never did anything wrong. I challenge you to deliver code lines of proof, to validate your claims. I am so confident of my code, that I am willing to take on public examination of it. Are you willing to so the same? Let us take a look at the different code releases, and exactly see what you are claiming. Are you up for it? I guess you need to talk to your new coder. I am sure he is a great guy that will wish soon he never got tangled with you.

You did not buy the code for xRoster either. You simply paid for my time and you got what you wanted, running on your site right now.

Please STOP further insulting in public postings, which collide with reality. If you want to let of steam: send me an email!

Thank You,


Re: Credits v1.3 now available
  • 2004/10/6 1:25

  • limecity

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open the link for anonymous users..

Re: Credits v1.3 now available
  • 2004/10/6 1:47

  • lavaburst

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He had asked me to post a review about his work and I wasn't going to because I felt it was better to say nothing at all at the time. Now seeing I am not the only one who has had a simalar problem with him I felt maybe I should post it.

Seeing that others had the same problem?
If you are talking about OneJadedGirl ??
Why dont you explain to the community why the email address for OneJadedGirl is:


We are waiting anxiously for your explanation.

My suspicion is that you are faking names on xoops.org to try to wreck reputations. Not doing it very well either since email addresses are free.

Care to explain why she has your email address?

Thank you.

Re:Credits v1.3 now available
  • 2004/10/6 3:41

  • Arowana

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Whatever daniel I am not going to get into this with you again.

Just look at the code


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