Banning a user
  • 2004/9/20 7:02

  • digibeta

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My site is being compromised and I need to ban a user, I have deleted him/her from the members list, but the person just re registers under a different user name - also how do i find his/her ip address.


Re: Banning a user
  • 2004/9/20 10:01

  • djsckizo

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Finding their ip address won't be as easy, given that XOOPS doesn't tend to have it saved anywhere unless they post in the comments section (and one other place I think too, but I don't remember).

Re: Banning a user
  • 2004/9/20 20:36

  • iolai

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Use a logging software like pphlogger, it will not only provide you with the ip address of the person you need, but also will give you a valueable insight about the usage of your site.

Re: Banning a user
  • 2004/9/20 20:40

  • philou

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the better way is to create a banning group and modify the account of this user... no access, no block... but it's true if he want to register under an other name.....

The problem for banning the IP... every 24h the IP is changed...

Re: Banning a user
  • 2004/9/20 21:04

  • FlySwatter

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Use a logging software like pphlogger,
sounds very useful.

Also, for the time being you could change the user registration to activation by Webmaster only in Prefs>User Info Settings.

Re: Banning a user
  • 2004/9/20 21:39

  • tom

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I have some code in my templates for forums which gives the user IP, the new forums will have this automatically for admins.

But a feature I fell is missed in XOOPS is MAC address and MAC banning, it would be good if when a user signs up his MAC address is added to his profile so only admin can see it, then a option in the admin to ban MAC address, this will ban that members machine (PC) and this does not change like a IP address.

Would be the best feature, maybe one for the next bug release as it's something that is needed in my opinion


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