Re: Olédrion 2

I tried using oledrion, i think this module can do better with more customization. I wanted just provide a offline sales system... basic stuff.

Is there anyway for me to change this?

How to lump shipping fees together to just 1 order. Total shipping instead of total item.

1. Disable VAT shown in sales cart

2. Notification of orders to Admin

3. Auto Generate invoice reference

4. Removed choice of invoice. Make it compulsary hence no need of this choice.

5. Removed choice of pay online. Make all offline payment, hence no need of this choice.

6. Make phone as required field.

The help is much appreciated.. thanks

Suggestion for Food Review Site

I wanted to do a food review website thinking using XOOPS as i am more familiar with it (non-programmer here :()

and i need module suggestion/help.

1. It would be like blog, with articles and pictures.
2. Reviews by editors, and by guess/members are separated (like gamespot.com).
3. To be able to included online map such as multimap in the page to show locations.

The module i'm thinking is NEWS, but for the mainpage, I wanted to show more than 1 reviews, and existing image manager of XOOPS keep making image go MIA.

Any suggestion on which combo should i used? Help would be very much appreciated. Thanks

Re: NewBB 2 - Can't edit forum settings

nope.. i have no idea :(

now waiting for CBB 4
if using other external forum, all my post will be lost :(

Re: NewBB 2 - Can't edit forum settings

Hey! I'm just about to post my similar problem too, beside having my uploaded photo's on mysteriously lost. Now i'm having the forum option lost too, it happened when i upgraded from 2.01 to 2.02. But my module page still stated it as ver 2.01?!?!

The problem:
Resized Image

please help

Re: NewBB attachment problem

oh.. tried again using a 1.5mb file... it works...
perhaps its because i edit a post and attach file again? as i seen on other thread stating that the newbb post edit have problem?

NewBB attachment problem

I'm using XOOPS
Newbb 2.0.2
Framework 1.1

The problem is when I attached a file of .zip
nothing came out.. the filesize is above 3mb.. but I've already allowed more than 10mb in the setting for the respected category, and also allowed .zip files upload. I have no idea whats is wrong.

Another things is when using the image manager to attached photos. Older photos are automatically kept deleted/lost!

Is there other image/file upload module that can be integrated with NewBB 2.02?

Help pleaaasseee....

Oh yeah, my site is ezineer.com
you can try upload by logging is as:
tester password:12345

Re: Hack to show users avatars in CBB blocks?

anyone? help? please?

Re: Announcement Background Color

oh yeah! it works.. thank you very much!

Re: View All Member

yep.. thanks...

View All Member

Is there a module/page for registered users to all the registered users?

Like a page to show all the members?


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