How to build a pop-up using SMARTY?
  • 2007/4/4 17:57

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Studing the source code of Xoops, i discovery that i need to include the header.php to use SMARTY template into Xoops.

The problem is that if I include the header into popup.php, the entire theme will be displayed on the window. :(

So, could some body help-me to solve this problem?

Re: copyright issues -> http://www.simdigital.com.br
  • 2006/9/20 14:22

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Herko Coomans wrote:
Do the files themselves have the copyright credits of the original module and its author? If so, you're within what the GPL allows you to do.

Again, I state here that it would be not just nice but decent to credit the original authors of the software you're using. They spent a LOT of time to make it possible, and should be rewarded for their effort.


Ok Herko, because this we respect the credits into Source.
But it is another discution! Don't let us follow that mind line...

The only thing that i want you know, there is some bad guys using this forum to denegrid my company because they have a personal problems with me and with brazilian XOOPS Community.

Tks a lot.

I think that is the end of Subject.


Re: copyright issues -> http://www.simdigital.com.br
  • 2006/9/20 13:16

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mauricio wrote:
another problem, the liaise module was renamed as 'formularios':http://www.simdigital.com.br/site/modules/formularios/index.php

no credits again

"Maurício", there is any personal problem with me?

What's the problem with rename modules if it is according GPL?

Moderator, can you answer if there is any problem with rename modules?

Everybody knows me in the XOOPS Brasilian Community.
I NEVER hide that i work with Xoops.

Thanks a lot.

Official Reply
  • 2006/9/18 13:21

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We come to this topic to comunicate that no ones of our activities are outlaw.
Our products and services are Open-Source based and beliving that kind of iniciative, we respect the rules.

We would like to clear somethings:

1) Open Source projects, differently than so many people think, can bring profit to people who want to work professionaly with it. This is the base to the project sucess.

2) One of the rules to use XOOPS is: If you change the structure of the project, it is better if you do not use the XOOPS name. Because this, there are too many projects following parallel line with different names.
The Ismart has 30% of XOOPS Source Code modified and so, we opt to change the name.

3) Ismart isn't just a CMS. It is a complete web-solution to companys, and include files, consultants, support, maintenance and custom development.

4) To finish, we express here our full and totaly indignation and repudiation with topics like this. This discution is tipic from people who want disunite the brasilian community. People who likes to sink anothers, contrary to do something util to the grow up projects like this.

SimDigital Team.

PS.: Sorry my bad english, but i'm efforting to moderators read easily.

Versão Brasileira

Vimos por meio deste, comunicar que nenhuma de nossas atividades são ilegais.
Nossos produtos e serviços são baseados em projetos Open Source e por usar e acreditar nesse tipo de iniciativa, respeitamos as regras impostas.

Gostaríamos de deixar claro que:
1) Projetos Open Source, diferentemente do que algumas pessoas pensam, eles podem e devem gerar receita para aqueles que pretendem trabalhar profissionalmente com isso. Essa é a base para que o projeto tenha continuidade e seja viável.

2) Uma das normas para uso do XOOPS é que caso sua estrutura seja modificada, NÃO se deve utilizar o nome xoops. Estes são os casos de projetos que por um motivo ou por outro não desejam seguir a linha de desenvolvimento do Xoops. O Ismart conta com cerca de 30% do seu código totalmente modificado e pelos motivos anteriormente citados, alteramos o nome.

3) Ismart não é apenas um CMS. É uma solução completa para empresas, que inclui arquivos, consultoria, suporte, manutenção e desenvolvimento personalizado.

4) Para finalizar, deixamos aqui nossa total indignação e repúdio com esse tipo de tópico. Esta discussão é tipica de membros desagregadores da comunidade brasileira, que pensam em afundar os outros ao invés de fazer algo de útil para o crescimento deste tipo de projeto.

Equipe SimDigital.



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