Re: copyright issues -> http://www.simdigital.com.br

Looks like there are a few that have nothing better to do than to bring this place back to the way it was with all the trouble.

https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewto ... id=236927#forumpost236927]Same Thing Here!

Re: Mailed you my emails herko


attock wrote:
I mailed you set of all my correspondance with popscripts in a word document. It Was easy for me to paste all the mails in word instead of forwarding them one by one.

If you need further assistance feel free to ask.

It looks to me like we are going back to the way it used to be here. There are people here that love to start crap with others just like in this thread:
https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewto ... id=236918#forumpost236918

Hay this person does not have the XOOPS copyright in the footer! LOL!

This is GPL code! Call your local attorney and ask him/her they all have free consultation.

People can do what they want with the code that is why it was released under this license. **Gezz people**

Lets go on a witch hunt and see if we can find more sites like the ones above without the copyleft in the footer....

Growup! This community is going back to the way it was before where there was all the trouble I can see it just by the way a few are posting and allowed to keep posting that way.

Re: Xoops/PHP Myspace Gold

I agree with you to a point Herko. I mean I am a linux freak and its open source however that does not seem to matter as there are many flavors of it that are distributed on cd rom at your local bestbuy store.

Any GPL code is not like Microsoft software that is copyrighted. When authors release software under the GPL they know that people are going to use it, hack it, change it, sell it, charge for it, you name it and people will do whatever they want with it.

Some people may not like this but its a fact if life.

I mean take a look at prozilla and dotcombuilder. They have many open source software that they charge users to pay for to get from their "members" area. None of the original credits are intact in those either but no one seem to say anything about it.

Look at their auction software. Do you know where that came from? Its PHPAuction. A gpl software however there is no license in this that indicates it howerver if you inspect the code you will see that they are EXACTLY alike apart from the layout (design and colors)

Bottom line is, authors of GPL software are not stupid. They all research their options before releasing software as GPL. And as such they also know that people are going to do things with the software that no one can imagine.

Just my 2cent worth.



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