Re: xForms 1.0 (Rewritten)

Hi Dylian,

First many thanks for offering such a good module - it's a very important one in my web projects (company intranet).
However, I am missing one major feature that would make it perfect. Would it be possible to include a 2 or 3 level categorization of forms?
For instance I am running a dozen forms that I'd like to categorize.

What do you think?

Re: Extending news submission titles, comment subjects, et al

Really nabody can help me?

Re: Extending news submission titles, comment subjects, et al

Nobody can help me?

Re: Extending news submission titles, comment subjects, et al

I'm replying to myself to the first part of the problem to share with everyone... but if somebody can help on the second part I would very much appreciate:

On increasing title length in comment_form
On line 53 of /include/comment_new.php, the function takes the first only 56 characters of the title. To fix the problem of truncated titles in comment forms, just increase that value to an higher value.

Not solved:
With Xlanguage 3.01 and News 1.50 the full title message is displayed in multiple languages with all language tags in the Post Comments Title text field.
Can this be solved so it only displays the chosen language title without the tags?

Not solved 2:
If the first question cannot be solved, is there a way to block a user from being able to edit the Post Comments Title text field?
I have been trying to edit include/comment_form.php

to modify
$cform->addElement(new XoopsFormText(_CM_TITLE, 'com_title', 50, 255, $com_title), true);
$cform->addElement(new XoopsFormLabel(_CM_TITLE, $com_title), true);

The non editable title appears in the form, but as soon as you post your comment, the title is no longer appearing!

I've also tried through XoopsFormHidden, without result.

If somebody could help me, detailing the actions to take to solve this problem, I would very much appreciate.
I am surprised that nobody posted about this before as I think one of the great assets of XOOPS is the ability to post comments... and it would be sad not having this feature working properly when using XLanguage.

Re: Extending news submission titles, comment subjects, et al

I am having the same problem, when posting a comment to an article published through the News module, the comment title is cut of at 60 characters.

I have been trying to figure out how to increase the length to a higher number of characters but can find the correct parameters neither in xoops_stories (phpMyAdmin), not in storyform.php

This is critical for the integration of Xlanguage in my site as the cut comment title has two negative effects:
1) No language specific texts can be displayed in the comments titles
2) and very badly, when commenting with a subject that has been cut, my homepage containing the news block (with spotlight) becomes unacessible!

Please help me! I desperately need to fix this problem. The rest of Xlanguage is fantastic!

[NOT SOLVED] How to show number of users in a specific module?

I have tried a number of things but as I have no experience in programming whatsoever I can't figure out what to do.
If somebody could explain step by step what I need to do to gets implemented, I would very much appreciate.


Re: How to show number of users in a specific module?

I am really novice at this... I found in the user.php


* count users matching a condition
* @param object $criteria {@link CriteriaElement} to match
* @return int count of users
function getCount($criteria = null)
$sql = 'SELECT COUNT(*) FROM '.$this->db->prefix('users');
if (isset($criteria) && is_subclass_of($criteria, 'criteriaelement')) {
$sql .= ' '.$criteria->renderWhere();
$result = $this->db->query($sql);
if (!$result) {
return 0;
list($count) = $this->db->fetchRow($result);
return $count;

The module I want to get the value of users currently being in is http://www.msxcafe.org/modules/khat/

1) What do I need to put in the above code so it makes that count?
2) WHat code do I need to insert in my theme.htm so to display that count?


How to show number of users in a specific module?

I have a problem to a question that looked easy to implement but that is pulling my hair off... I hope somebody can help...

In my site theme, I would like to show in brackets the number of users currently located in a specific module
Concretely, I have a chatroom installed (Khat) but unless you go to that specific module, you don't know if somebody is in it. As my site is still very small, the chances to find somebody there is low so I'd like to implement a sort of simple mechanism that alerts visitors of the site when somebody is in the chatroom.

What I want to achieve (nothing else)
> Go to www.msxcafe.org - in the left bar you notice the 'Chat' button
> What to aim for is 'Chat (X)', where X is the number of user in that specific module.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Problem with xoops_bb_posts_text.gz


I have some trouble with NewBB / CBB 1.14 when I upgrade XOOPS from to When I did the upgrade, newbb would simply display a blank page.

I decided to backup all database tables, uninstalled completely newbb, made a clean install of it , updated the module through the System panel and re-imported the tables one by one.

Everything works fine except that I cannot import the table xoops_bb_posts_text.gz !

When I try to import it I always get the following message:

Starting at the line: 1

Error at the line 16: );

Query: CREATE TABLE xoops_bb_posts_text ( post_id int(8) unsigned DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL, post_text text, post_edit text, PRIMARY KEY (post_id), KEY search (post_text) );

MySQL: BLOB/TEXT column 'post_text' used in key specification without a key length

Stopped on error

This is what I see when I open xoops_bb_posts_text.gz

# Backup for MySQL
# --------------------------------------------------------

# Table structure for table xoops_bb_posts_text

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS xoops_bb_posts_text;
CREATE TABLE xoops_bb_posts_text (
post_id int(8) unsigned DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
post_text text,
post_edit text,
PRIMARY KEY (post_id),
KEY search (post_text)

# Dumping data for table xoops_bb_posts_text

INSERT INTO xoops_bb_posts_text VALUES.....

You can see the forum here:

If you click on a category, it returns the following error message:
SELECT t.*, u.name, u.uname, u2.uid, u2.name as last_post_name, u2.uname as last_poster, p.post_time as last_post_time, p.poster_name as last_poster_name, p.icon, p.post_id, p.post_karma, p.require_reply, pt.post_text FROM xoops_bb_topics t LEFT JOIN xoops_users u ON u.uid = t.topic_poster LEFT JOIN xoops_bb_posts p ON p.post_id = t.topic_last_post_id LEFT JOIN xoops_bb_posts_text pt ON pt.post_id = t.topic_last_post_id LEFT JOIN xoops_users u2 ON u2.uid = p.uid WHERE (p.post_time > 1122713308 OR t.topic_sticky=1) AND t.forum_id = 1 AND t.approved = 1 AND p.approved = 1 ORDER BY t.topic_sticky DESC, p.post_time DESC

Unfortunately I know very little about databases and so on, I have tried to import the faulty table through phpMyAdmin but without success!
From the above, can someone spot the problem and explain me step-by-step what I should do.

I thank you very much in advance for your help!

overwrote accidentally mainfile.php from 2.2 to 2.2.1 upgrade! Please help

I accidentally overwrote the mainfile.php file during the upgrade process from XOOPS 2.2 to 2.2.1. resulting in landing to a 'not found' install/index.php page...
When connecting to www.mydomain.com/xoopsupdate.php is tells me the page cannot be found.

Anybody could help me? Is there an instruction I can put in the mainfile.php so that it brings me back on track for the upgrade process?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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