Re: Getting a "403 Access denied" error when trying to access the Private Messages module

Ok, this is really strange!

I uninstalled the PM module and completely deleted it from my xoops installation's directory via ftp and now it seems to be working. I just sent myself a PM. How is that even possible?

Weblog Version: 1.47 Beta 1

Module installs on xoops 2.5.10 but unable to create new categories and module's index page is a blank white page with Internal Server Error:

A problem has occurred on our server!
Page is currently unavailable
We are working on a fix
Please come back soon ...

Error : Error: Call to undefined method WeblogCategory::WeblogCategoryBase()

Re: The future of XOOPS?


Mamba wrote:
Everything I see was released in 2008.

As Alain mentioned, it looks like you either looked in all the wrong places, or didn't look at all

It's enough to look at the News:

a) Modules
b) Themes

Almost all of our development is happening on GitHub, so you need to look there, e.g. Modules:

Most of those modules are old and full of bugs! Just yesterday I tested 3 of then from the github 2.5x repository and none of them work including newBB. All I keep getting is 404 errors and oops were sorry blank white pages.
The damn private messaging module didn't even work on a fresh install of 2.5.10. Look on.my site here:

Re: The future of XOOPS?

5 years later. Still no new modules or themes. Everything I see was released in 2008. Heck, I would be happy if somebody would go to the module repository on SourceForge and got some of the good old modules working again.

Does anybody even know how to make modules for the latest xoops release? And if so, why aren't they making any?

Updating older xoops 2 themes

Can anybody point me in the right direction as where I would look in the files/code to fix how the main menu and the user menu on the old xoops themes don't display the links correctly in the blocks. You know how they are all over the place instead of being neatly displayed on their own line. (link under link) like they should display ?

I found a few old themes that I really like as they remind me of using xoops back in the old days.

Re: Getting a "403 Access denied" error when trying to access the Private Messages module


geekwright wrote:
A 403 status is not something XOOPS itself would generate directly.

Some thoughts:
- check for a .htaccess file in the modules/pm/ directory
- make sure permissions for the modules/pm/ directory are set to allow access by the web server
- if using a SELINUX enable server double check the security context for the directory

No htaccess file in pm module's directory
Permissions on pm module seem ok - mosty 755 and I made a few 777
NOt surre about the server because my site is hosted on a free web hosting site.

I really wish that I could get this working though.

Getting a "403 Access denied" error when trying to access the Private Messages module

Getting a "403 Access denied" error when trying to access the Private Messages module on new Xoops 2.5.10 install. Anybody know how to fix this? Everything else seems to be working fine.

When I click on the "Inbox" or "Private Messaging" links I get taken to a blank white web page that says "403 Access denied"

Configuration Check
Private Messaging module - Version : 1.14 Final
Minimum PHP required: 5.3.9 (your version is 7.3.6)
MYSQL Minimum version required: 5.0.7 (your version is 5.6.45-86.1)
Minimum XOOPS required: 2.5.10 (your version is 2.5.10)
Minimum ModuleAdmin required: 1.2 (your version is 1.2)

Re: xfGuestbook for XOOPS 2.5.8, PHP7

Yes, as admin.

Re: List of working Xoops 2.5.8 modules?

Ah yes, Publisher is working and looks real nice for a blog module, or news modules. Only found a few things that are not working in the module, and that is the image upload, and file upload options.

Re: xfGuestbook for XOOPS 2.5.8, PHP7

Getting error messages on this one when I click to add new guestbook entry at this url:/modules/xfguestbook/xfcreate.php

THis one looks nice though, can you get it working Mamba?

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