Re: Selected module does not exist!
  • 2005/1/5 17:08

  • tommyZ

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Same problem here fellows

win2003srvr - php4.3.10 - mysql4.0.23 - XOOPS

This happened when I start using php4 and not 5

anyone had any luck with a similar setup?

Re: What
  • 2005/1/4 18:58

  • tommyZ

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  • Since: 2005/1/4 1

turned the register_long_arrays flag on and it fixed the issue with FAQ and Sections

SMARTFAQ still behaves the same... I will consider switching back to php4

appricate the help


Re: What
  • 2005/1/4 18:38

  • tommyZ

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with SQL Debug on -

when I go to the SmartFAQ module in the admin panel I get the follow error:

SELECT faqid, COUNT(*) FROM xoops2_smartfaq_answers WHERE faqid IN () GROUP BY faqid
Error number: 1064
Error message: You have an error in your SQL syntax near ') GROUP BY faqid' at line 1

adding a catergory does not produces an error message (in section/faq/smartfaq)

PHP Debug produced the following error when tried to update anonymous group permission in the permission settings of smartFAQ:

Notice [PHP]: Undefined variable: HTTP_POST_VARS in file c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\xoops\html\modules\smartfaq\admin\mygroupperm.php line 46

where else should I look for errors?

Re: What
  • 2005/1/4 18:23

  • tommyZ

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I am using xoops-

"what do you mean in nothing happen. it take a blank page or something?"

it returns to the module's setup page as if a catergory was just added, but it doesnt get added.

I have just installed SMARTFAQ and it installed fine, but when I try to add a catergory in it, I get following error:

"An error occured while saving the category. Here is a list of error(s) : "

no errors are listed.

will now turn debug on.

What's Wrong with my Xoops?
  • 2005/1/4 17:09

  • tommyZ

  • Friend of XOOPS

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  • Since: 2005/1/4 1

Hello dear XOOPS users,

I am experiencing the following problem with my XOOPS install:

I want to use the FAQ and Sections module and so after installing them, they appear, but when I try to add a new category to either of them, nothing happens. Of course I am logged in as Admin and I am trying to do this from the Control Panel.

Any help would be much appreciated.

best regards


oh yea

IIS6, MySQL, Win2003, PHP5

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