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Hello everybody:
I'm trying to adapt XOOPS to many of my projects, since i see it as an adequate tool for fast implementation of websites.
Now... i'm thinking if it's possible (sure it is... but) and good idea to use XOOPS as the platform for implementing an Intranet in my organization... how doable, practical, useful, efficient, proffesional is it???
I'd like to hear your opinions about this, i would really appreciate any comment.
Thanx everybody!!

Emilio Leyes
Salta, Argentina
Emilio Javier Leyes
Salta, Argentina

registered users can't use liaise or Contact modules?

hi again people.
i have been trying to make that registered users use a form made in liaise or in Contact Plus module. They can fill the form, and when they send the form, i never receive a mail, although they see a meessage that says the form has been sent...
On the other hand... anonymus users CAN send these forms, and i DO receive an email...
how can i do to solve this problem?
i will appreciate very much your help!
Emilio Javier Leyes
Salta, Argentina

Re: how to configure email???

Hi again!!!
i can´t either make that anonymus people send me messages through "Private Messaging" from XOOPs!! how can i do this?
I only can make that registered people send messages between each other, but if i want that an anonymus user submit a form and send it using Private messages, I CANT...
i would appreciate your help very much!!!
Emilio Javier Leyes
Salta, Argentina

Re: how to configure email???

hello everyone!
thanks for both asnwers!
i have installed laisie, and when i want to send a form, the following message appears:
Could not execute /usr/sbin/sendmail
No puedo enviar mail a emitojleyes@yahoo.com.ar

But, with the module Contact or Contac Plus, i want to know if i have to configure something at the:
Administration -> Preferences -> mail configuration (or something like that...)
So, how do i have to configure this in order to receive these comments into my mailbox (yahoo hotmail or any other)?
The options and values i have at this screen are:
(from) DESDE (address) dirección: nothing
(from) DESDE ( name)nombre: nothing
(from) DESDE (user)Usuario: the admin (myself)
Metodo de envío email (method for sending email): smtpmail
Ruta para sendmail (route for sendmail): /usr/sbin/sendmail
SMTP host(s): nothing
SMTPAuth nombre de usuario (user name): nothing
SMTPAuth password: nothing
is the configuration ok, then??

I hope u can help me at this one. Thanks very much!!

Emilio Leyes
Emilio Javier Leyes
Salta, Argentina

how to configure email???

hi people!! i'll thank u a lot if u guide me with this:
i need to use a form, so that people can send me stuff to some email account. But i dont know how to configure XOOPS to send that filled form to some mail...??
Thanxxx a lot!!
Emilio Leyes
Salta, Argentina
Emilio Javier Leyes
Salta, Argentina

Re: Password change and no more access to my XOOPS

Thanx very much for your help, people!!!
and sorry if my question has been already answered in de FAQ setion!!!!
Emilio Javier Leyes
Salta, Argentina

Password change and no more access to my XOOPS

Dear Forum people:
i'd be glad if u can help me with this problem:
I had changed the password of the FTP, Web Hosting Services and PhpMyAdmin, and after that i couldn't access to my XOOPS site.
the message that appears to me is:
This page cannot be displayed due to an internal error.

If you are the administrator of this site, please visit the XOOPS Troubleshooting Page for assistance.

Error [Xoops]: Unable to connect to database in file class/database/databasefactory.php line 34

What do i have to change in the XOOPS configuration or in the XOOPS database, so i can get it to work??
Emilio Javier Leyes
Salta, Argentina

Re: Customized Modules or Customized Blocks?

I have read the FAQ you indicated me. And it´s pretty clear! But i don't understand the last part, this one:

- define this text _MI_MYPAGE_SMNAME1 in: (this text can be different as long as it matches the language defines)

- language defines language/english/global.php i.e.

- define("_MI_MYPAGE_SMNAME1","Forum");//whatever you wish
- define("_MI_MYPAGE_SMNAME2","User Journals");

It means that i have to create a file named global.php, and a directory called language/english?
and if so, do i have to make a reference "include..." in the file index.php, xoops_version.php?
Thanks for your help!!!!
Emilio Leyes
Emilio Javier Leyes
Salta, Argentina

Re: Customized Modules or Customized Blocks?

Hi Quest!
Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.
I will follow the instructions from the link you indicated me.
Also i would like to try with MyPage, but i can´t find that module anywhere! Could u tell me where to get it, please?
Thanx again!
Emilio Javier Leyes
Salta, Argentina

Customized Modules or Customized Blocks?

Hi everyone! i'm from Salta, Argentina, so apologies for my english...
I want to customize my xoops, and beside the standard sections or modules, add ones such as "Who we are", "Objetives", "etcetera".
For example, to have by my left, below the link "Forums", and "Downloads", have a third that says "Who am i", and that this link lead me to a page (any page i design) and mantain by the sides, these standard menues...
I have tried TinyContent, MultiMenu but i think that´s not what i need.
Now i have installed SmartSection, and i think these what most approaches to what i want!. I've seen a web, that used this module: http://www.cregybad.org. Here, the sections called Les horaires and Les inscriptions is what i want! and they are done with smartsection!!!
Would anyone be so jind to give me a hand...? please? at using smartsection or any other valid solution?
I would appreciate it a lot.
Thanks very much!!
Emilio J. Leyes
Tecnico Universitario en Informática
Salta, Argentina
Emilio Javier Leyes
Salta, Argentina

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