Re: Stop Comment-Spam and Email-Harvesting

I yust found out the hard way, that it is absolutely neccessary to include the "thread-level"/score in the if-statement. found IPs are never deleted, only their thread level is lowered to zero eventually. So you must check $h->score.

This may be the best tip on XOOPS.org of 2008, but please tell how you did it.

What did you change in the if-statement:

                echo (
"This IP is reported as a known Spammer. Please refer to http://www.projecthoneypot.org t ... ur status.<br>");
                die ( 
"Found a " $h->type_txt ." (".$h->type_num .") with a score of "$h->score ", last seen since "$h->days " days");


Doesn't if($r>=2) already set the correct score???

Increasing the usability of XOOPS comments: one TIP and one QUESTION

I'm trying to improve the usability of the comments in XOOPS. Technically, the systems works perfect, but it needs two things to make it appealing to users:

- If people are not logged in, they should see a message like "Please login to comment"
- If there are no comments, there should be a message "no comments yet". Otherwise, many non-technical people simply don't understand what the comments section is for.

I resolved one of these two issues, I'm still looking for a solution for the second one. So I have a tip and a question!

TIP: Show "Please login to comment" message below your articles to people who are not logged in

I wrote a small howto on how to get that message displayed on your site, it is posted here. The trick has also been implemented on that site, so you can see how it looks like. I hope it helps more people, it would be great if it would be implemented on XOOPS.org

QUESTION: How do I show a message "no comments yet" when the number of comments is 0

I admit, I am a bad programmer, but what I am missing is only one line. In human language, this line should say

"If the number of comments is equal to zero, then..."

I know how to make an if-then construction in PHP, I simply don't know how to let XOOPS count the number of comments.

And did some research in the templates. I found the lines where the comments are taken from the database, and I expect that a this info is needed to formulate the line:

<{include file="db:system_comment.html" comment=$comments[i]}>


<{foreach item=reply from=$comments[i].replies}>

Is there any PHP-guru who can tell me how to count the number of comments so that I can make the if-then construction?? Many thanks!

Re: URL changer


kris_fr wrote:
Also for multilanguage --> http://www.dugris.info/modules/news/article.php?storyid=35&page=1 (refresh in same page)

As there was not much documentation, I had to puzzle a bit. I wrote a small manual:

How to rewrite URLs with the xoRewriteModule in XOOPS

Let me know if anybody has any suggestions for improvement.

Re: Xigg looks great


avtx30 wrote:
Xigg is a clone of Digg http://digg.com/

Refer to my first post in this thread to know where to download and how to install it.


Digg is a community-based news article popularity website. It combines social bookmarking...


I've just been playing on your demo site (demos really add value!). :)

I wonder what is the bookmarking part. If I submit a site that somebody else has already submitted, I get the error message "site has already been submitted". I also "Xigged" a contribution by somebody else. is there anywhere an overview of the bookmarks/xiggs of each user within Xigg module

Re: URL changer


kris_fr wrote:
Also for multilanguage --> http://www.dugris.info/modules/news/article.php?storyid=35&page=1 (refresh in same page)

I don't understand what you mean (ni en français, ni en anglais).

The reason why I create direct links to pages in another language via the template is that referring by tags screws up my website's search engine ranking. For SEO reasons, I really like to have 1 url per content. If you don't watch out with smartlanguage and xlanguage, it may occur that the same content is available on several URLs, or (even worse), that a single url displays different contents depending on the language settings in a cookie. Search engines don't read cookies, so in the latter case a part of your content will probably not be indexed. For this reason, I really like to control the URL's used in internal linking and that makes the use of tags problematical.

I wonder why you post an xoLanguage plugin in an thread on a URL changer. Does this plugin have a solution for that??

Re: URL changer

To make it even better, create a 301-redirect in .htaccess from urls like
http://www.93230.fr/modules/tag/view.tag.php?40/ to urls like http://www.93230.fr/tag/view.tag.php?40/ (avoiding duplicate content)

or consider adding this line to robots.txt

Disallow: /modules/

if you don't loose to much linklove from old links.

Re: URL changer


kris_fr wrote:

Look this smarty plugin --> http://www.frxoops.org/modules/news/article.php?storyid=1491


Wow. Thanks. You made my day.

The great thing is, contrary to other short URL hacks, that the internal links also seem to be changed and are pointing to the new URL. No redirecting anymore. Well done!

CAPTCHA: where does it go wrong?

I've read the information on installing CAPTCHA with Liaise. However, the installation continues to go wrong. This is what I do:

Step 1, checking the GD Library
I run phpinfo to see if hte GD Library is enabled. This is the output:

GD Support     enabled
GD Version     bundled 
(2.0.28 compatible)
GIF Read Support     enabled
GIF Create Support     enabled
JPG Support     enabled
PNG Support     enabled
WBMP Support     enabled
XBM Support     enabled

So I continue with the next step:

Step 2, installing the Captcha module
I downloaded the version 13 and I install it on XOOPS 2.0.16 like any other module. Then I copy the file captcha.php to my root. I also tried other versions of the Captcha module (Captcha 10; I could not unzip Captcha 14 on my Ubuntu desktop)

Step 3, install Liaise 1.27
I install Liaise like any other module.

Step 4, checking the contact form
I check the contact form, unfortunately it cannot load an image on the place of the Captcha.

Step 5, asking for help ;)
What did I overlook??? Anybody??

Re: Filling form fields via URL with liaise?

This has nothing to do with security as people still need to fill out the Captcha (if it runs on your site). This has to do with usability, you simply save people the pain of having to fill out a new form. If course it can still be cracked...

I don't have an easy answer though: you'll need to hack the module and add extra variables. These variables are the default contents of the input fields in Liaise. If you are not a programmer, you may consider finding a freelancer (I'm no programmer, I've never rented a freelancer so I cannot advise on this).

Hey, if you hack Liaise so that it can do this: share your hack with the community

Re: Make Xoops URLs professional

Great posting!

Does it lead to duplicate content? Does XOOPS adapt the internal links as well?

// Available for download shortly
// Sorry, I deleted the codes because
// it changed when pasting here

It probably works if you switch of XOOPS codes (I posted this problem as a bug on this place)

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