Re: libs and data folders

im having this problem too
i tried something like this

my sever path would be
/nfs/c01/h04/mnt/33727/domains/***My Domain***/html/
then at the end you would see the XOOPS lib and the data folder

i actually moved the both folders into another folder
then i took that one and moved it to
/nfs/c01/h04/mnt/33727/domains/***My Domain***/

So if you connected to FTP and looked in my server
the two folders wold have been BEFORE the HTML folder
but i still got a blank page

Re: problem installing xoops 2.3.3

you do have access to the databaes
its in your powweb account
log in
first screen down on the right list you should see MYSQL

but to help you furter, i would have to URGE you to get away from Powweb
i know WAY too much about that company
you are going ot be running something that consistantly uses SQL queries and with them
you are always going to have

A) Database failures
B) Times when your sites content is comletely deleted and theyll tell you they dont know what happend
C) About 4 times a year your site is sure to become unreachable because of their "maintenance"
D) Dealing with customer service reps who are NOT in this country
E) Dealing with customer serivce reps who know nothing of the control panel as ops.powweb.com
F) Reps who put yo on hold so they can google your solution

i swear the list can just go on
and this is NOT speculation.. this is fact

If you want something better.. contact me
i have been helping people move off their servers for 3 years now

installing Xoops 2.3.3, When i move xoops_data it goes blank?

Ok so during installation i read in the READ ME or INSTALLATION html that i need to take
and move them OUT of the ROOT folder.
Ok so i did that and continued installation
then it tells me the two folders are missing

but it just told me to move them out?
Ok so i put them back and it checks PATHS... which now turn out correct.
Ok onward right?

Go all the way through install
Now im logged in as administrator
i got to the admin panel and low and behold i see the two messages again

WARNING: Folder /nfs/c01/h04/mnt/33727/domains/***My Domain***/html/xoops_lib is inside DocumentRoot!
For security considerations it is highly suggested to move it out of DocumentRoot.

WARNING: Folder /nfs/c01/h04/mnt/33727/domains/***My Domain***/html/xoops_data is inside DocumentRoot!
For security considerations it is highly suggested to move it out of DocumentRoot.

ok what? i know its in there because you told me to put it back.
Want me to move it? Ok fine
I created another folder ( xoopsroot/Whateverfolder/ )
and i dragged the two folders into it

Ok so now they are no longer in the XOOPS Root folder right?
i go back and refresh the admin control panel and its a blank white page?

What th-!

Ok lost now.. what gives?
Whats the proper instructions for these two foldres
Xoops_data and Xoops_lib ??

it seems no matter where i put the folders or set their permission to
the site wont work with these folders OUTSIDE of the root area

also if i place them in the root area
i get this warning

Re: no modules available? nothing showing in Module section (admin)

ok never mind then
i guess im just going to delete the whole installation and install the latest version to continue testing with that one

thanks anyway guys.

no modules available? nothing showing in Module section (admin)

Ok so i have a XOOPS installation on one server
i had the site closed for quite some time now.
Today i went there to try and test some things out for use but i went into the admin
then into the modules section
apparently the ONLY module showing in there is
SYSTEM...?? where is the rest?
I looked inside FTP, all modules are in there

yea and all the rest of them ( about 15 im sure )
ok so why dont i see them in the modules admin area?

While typing this message
i decided to upload another module " WordPress "
and refresh the modules admin area to see if it shows up.
Nope, nothing there..... odd.

Ok so does anyone know what would cause them all to go offline?
I know i didnt turn them all off when i closed the site.

Now keep in mind, shortly ago the hosting company did an SQL upgrade.
So i thought this would cause them all to break while keeping their content info in the SQL database.
So im sure all the information is still in there but you just cant see any of the mods so what next?

Re-Install the whole thing leaving the Modules folders in their place.

Ok so i deleted the files in Templates_c folder
then i went into the SQL database and dropped all the XOOPS Tables

Now i went to the install folder and reinstalled the entire site.

Did that work?
nope.......... any ideas?

Xoops version is

XOOPS 2.0.16
PHP version running for this installation is PHP 5
( i can change it to PHP4 if i need to )

Re: readpmsg.php template?

is that the language file in XOOPS root
or the language file in NEWBB folder?

Re: readpmsg.php template?

sorry Ghia
NEWBB version 3.08

readpmsg.php template?

Im looking to change the output layout of the
but i cant seem to find the template for it.

For example whne you goto your PMs it says
new post has been added in the Message Boards module at our site.

well i want to change this area to something else which includes the link.

Which file is it?

Re: Notifications.php Blank Page for just me

understood trabis

thank for the expl.....

Re: Notifications.php Blank Page for just me


trabis wrote:
Try edit extcal/include/notification.inc.php and replace with this:

if (!defined("XOOPS_ROOT_PATH")) {
"XOOPS root path not defined");

    if (
$category == 'global' || $category == 'cat') {
$item['name'] = '';
$item['url'] = '';

    if (
$category == 'event') {
$eventHandler xoops_getmodulehandler('event''extcal');
$event $eventHandler->getEvent($item_id0true);

        if (
is_object($event)) {
$item['name'] = $event->getVar('event_title');
$item['url'] = XOOPS_URL '/modules/extcal/event.php?event='.$event->getVar('event_id');


Good lord Trabis
its working!!!!!
now the question still remains........ while it was working fine at 6pm and i logged out
what happened beween then and 9pm when i logged back in to stop it from working?

Ok wow.. and let me correct myself for a second before i let murphys law right into my livingroom

Its working right now.. for now HAHAHA

i also went to templates_c and deleted all file from there before clicking on the notifications link

Ill send a message to other users to see if now they have any issues going to the page before i think its just me that CAN see it while others can not

now that would be a switch wouldnt it lol

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