Re: Is there a way to search for modules I don't know about?

What is the site name?

Is there a way to search for modules I don't know about?

The module repository is closed.

The search in the dev forge does not search developed packages and the current list of developed projects is not even up to date.

The best method I have found is to search the news articles.

Default HTML posts in NewBB 2.02

You can post in HTML in the NewBB modules. However, this option is not checked as the default. Since I have an HTML editor installed many users when posting simply post without checking that box and the code is visible.

Is there anyway to set this options as the default or get rid of it entirely?

Change DHTML editor for blocks?

How do you change the DHTML editor for block content?

I have the module "tinyeditor" installed with several plugins. How can I use this editor for my XOOPS blocks?

Flixible WYSIWYG editor with maximum compatibility.

I tried using the "Mashtop Publish" module which was overall pretty great but I had several problems:

1. Not all modules accept HTML code. So I had to go back and forth switching it off just to use certain modules.

2. TinyMCE constantly makes changes to HTML code upon saving and so any HTML you code directly will get changes when saving.

What I am looking for is a module that lets you change back to the DHTML editor on the fly or decide which modules use the WYSIWYG editor.

Re: Alternate download for kaotic modules?

Thank you Kaotik

Alternate download for kaotic modules?

The Kaotic.com site has been down for forever. I would be more than happy to host his modules on my site. Does anybody have copies of any of his modules?

I am particularly looking for Kshop.

you can e-mail me the modules to

robert at feratechinc dot com


Best WYSIWYG editor for WiWi?

I am using the Wiwi module and am looking for a decent and rather consistent editor. I tried using TinyMCE and Kiovi but both have strange things like pressing enter sometimes won't create a new line and you have to manually add one in the HTML code.

I just need something that is slightly more advanced than the DHTML. Nothing too fancy but mostly stable. If there is a WYSIWYG version of DHTML I would jump on it because overall it works the best.

Review: www.FeraTechInc.com

We are new to the XOOPS scene. We have gone public with our site and released the XosC .73 beta module. A lot of our work is currently invested into our module but we hope to build up the information on our website.

Please help us make the site better. Register and post as many criticisms as possible, we would greatly appreciate it :P

Robert Stolorz


Free hosting for Xoops members.

Hi, I would like to offer free hosting on our servers if we can place advertising on your site. Bandwidth is pretty much unlimited. However, we would prefer community focused sites which are not media intensive.

Please go to our forums:


1. Describe the intended purpose of your site.
2. Expected daily visitors.
3. Intended audience.

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