Re: Roadmap 2.6.0 Discussion

I'd love to see 960.gs as default template for administration and site, but looks like will happen in 5.0.0...

- Can't recognize EXIF extension on 5.3.13
- Still gives a lot of useless information, this is stressing for newbies. Check Drupal, Joomla!, WP, rest (except banned cms, cube legacy and xoosla).
- Scroller on step 11 is not good, better to be auto height
- Protector is yes by default on extensions, should be no and rest yes (specially of remains same *censored* as in 2.5.5)
- Instead of renaming install/ folder, add function to the installer for removal like in Joomla! and sMF
- Again thousand of files in install/language/english (is this is redheaded installer ?)

- Same *censored* module :(
- ICQ and AIM - there are no such things from years, AIM bought ICQ and now there is no matter what client u will use, they're the same. 2nd - due several security issues no one uses both of them anymore.
- YIM - show me one user on this forum, that uses this back door generator ?
- FB, Skype, Twitter - missing again
- Page title shows - User Profile, but in the menu u have to view account and edit account, where is the Censor to see what's writing in the language files ?

- Administration in new window ?!?
- Transition release or cosmetic ?
- Task Groups is independent part of Users, why should be on separate place ?
- Everything users should be in one place, not anywhere u can imagine
- Task User Ranks is independent part of Users, again on different menu/icon
- Extensions are hmmm, RM Common plugins can be called extensions, but what user rank doing there... no idea.

...as overal, this cosmetic changes should be done earlier, 2.3/4/5 (same), otherwise:
- same language files, unchanged definitions, even reverted to 2.4 somewhere like in profile
- no build-in installer, still far, far away from KISS
- probably there is no and version checker and updater on the distributed modules and core

For me: A bit disappointed, expected something really new, not just cosmetic changes...., someone will say there are changes to easy the way of making modules, those changes are done in 2.3, lately in 2.4, currently in 2.5, and 2.6 will be the same. With every new core released, the number of operational modules drastically decreases. (One big plus for J!, when they're released 1.6 transition release, they dropped - full drop backward compatibility with 1.5), make it and here, once and forever.

Add INI files by default for Languages, no backward compatibility with old 2.5/2.4/2.3/2.0 modules.

(more may come later... but as whole, no comment)

Re: MyAlbum-p 3.06 and Xoops 2.5.5

No idea.... try to imagine something, but MyAlbum-p 3.06 is released around 2009, and no longer supported by PEAK XOOPS JP, every single change on existing features or by adding new one, makes it totally new fork, as everything forked should get and new name. Even may not include My, Album, MyAlbum-p in the new one. 10,000 extensions for J! and no such problems with naming.

See with those changes, additions and several maintainers something working and fully operational in past, this days not working - searching.

Re: XOOPS 2.5.x Translations using Transifex

When 2.5.6 comes out, then will be required updates....
INI for 2.6/2.7 if there are someone of the devs to discuss what's better and what for, just me, u, cesag and mamba are not enough to decide that.

Re: XOOPS 2.5.6 Alpha on PHP 5.4.5

PHP 5.4 will be too far, far away in future, most HSPs still uses 5.2 version of PHP, few are on 5.3.

2.6.0 or even 2.7.0 can be ready for PHP 5.4, until then is pointless.
2.5.5 already have 3 (well 2, Profile requires rewriting (64M memory_limit is unacceptable requirement for most shared hosting plans)) operational modules in total.

Probably 2.5.6 will come packed with News 1.68 at least, so first time visitors to see some kind of 'content'.

Welcome back at first place :)
Does your install script is ready and implemented in 2.6.0 ? Want to see the language, does all strings are there without formatting and does all language files are combined into one ?
Is it only for distribution installation or includes and modules installation from Administration UI.
Files Repository (Download Modules module) - when ?
Syncing with SVN on updates ?
Syncing translations from TX ? (Madfish from banned CMS, helped u here with small script for taking from TX and putting files back to TX (only by team leader))

Re: Updates on Transifex Platform

Hmm, some ppl here wont take initiative and contact with everyone in person if is required (hate me or not, but starting with THE BIG AXE, there was plenty of time).

1st removed module is Wishcraft MyAlbum-p, throwing release after release without paying attention to comments and bug reports from users to article and forums - means only one thing, too much self esteem. Sorry, but there is no human which can't do mistakes, this module everywhere must be tagged as unofficial, non-trusted.
Cesag made list of required changes -https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?viewmode=flat&type=&topic_id=75068&forum=66
No response.
Shine asks reasonable question

Did you enhanced myalbum p version myAlbum-P 2.90beta2 (2.88) ?
http://xoops.peak.ne.jp/md/mydownload ... easiestml_lang=xlang%3Aen

No response.
Another shine comment

...... If so, then please it would be nice to give proper credits where credits are due!

"Everyone can throw release after release, everyone can change credits for replacing single quote with double quote, that's not the way how opensource projects works. There are responsibilities, you post release, you watch for users response and give them adequate answers in time."

All made translations are totally useless, thanks to formatting lovers for all those strings everywhere:
define"_AM_H3_FMT_CATEGORIES" "Categories Manager (%s)" ) ;

Keep up the good work and format every line within XOOPS language files !
No backup of the translation will be kept somewhere, bcz there are no translations, thanks to the formatting. If main.php for example contains 154 strings, TX reads only those without formatting.

Removal of rest modules by Wishcraft will be put on hold, till got reply from Infidex, until then all non-supported modules will be locked and will not accept translations.

Re: MyAlbum-p 3.06 and Xoops 2.5.5

This module is no longer GiJoe's Myalbum, name have to be changed immediately, definitions must be corrected in order for translation on TX, until then, the module initially released by Wishcraft will be removed.

Re: extGallery 1.11 and Xoops 2.5.5

Sure, when someone correct them :)
Just drop ping on skype/gmail.

Re: XOOPS 2.5.6 Alpha on PHP 5.4.5

Will see it once is released... until then 2.5.6 and modules

Re: XOOPS 2.5.6 Alpha on PHP 5.4.5

Yay so bad.... will wait for another better gui then current 2 options. Something clean like Mission Control by www.rockettheme.com. How will administrate XOOPS with current 2 options ? Or you're planing to release with 3rd new and better option ?

Re: XOOPS 2.5.6 Alpha on PHP 5.4.5

Fix it or remove Legacy :)
But in fact - legacy only works without problems in any browser, even Links

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