Re: private messages

Thanks for the response Lance_. I did do a search for private message before posting however it didn't return anything valid.

private messages

I noticed no modules were inculuded in the last release.... why? What should I do for private messaging? I used the xoopsmembers module from the last 2.0.13 is that what I should have done? Should I use any other modules?

Which Version?

I've been away from XOOPS for a little while. I came back today to find that the 2.x version is "not recommended". What is up with that? Why the change in thinking.... yet again? So when I recommend people to XOOPS (which I do often) which version should I tell them to get?

Re: mozilla_iso

I'm to the point I will offer money....

Re: mozilla_iso



I am having trouble with the mozilla_iso theme by art_nomad. I have tried contacting him with no success so I am posting here to see if anyone can help me. The trouble I am having is when I edit the .psd file for the logo (jpeg) and upload it to my site it makes the file really small and pushes everything else to the right. It doesn't matter how small or big the changes are to the .psd file it simply screws up everything else. If I upload the original logo jpeg everything goes back as it should. Can someone help?


White Screen during Install

I had a friend of mine contact me after he tried installing XOOPS on his server. The issue is during the install process after you enter in the admin name and password that you would like to use when he clicks next to finish the installation all he gets is a white screen.

Re: Xoops 2.2.2 Released??


Herko Coomans wrote:

Methis wrote:
10 different version in less than 50 days certainly mean something!

Yes, it means we have an active development programme and project and an active community hunting for bugs as well. No more and no less...

Lets not make this into some insunuating match of who can be the most vague about this. XOOPS 2.0.x is stable, and has been for a LONG time. Now we have added many many many requested features in 2.2, gave them to the community for testing and bughunting. When there weren't many left, we released it. Now you complain that there are bugs??

There will ALWAYS be bugs. Be glad that we make releases that fix them to keep your sites stable and safe, instead of insinuating anything to the contrary!


I have seen you and Mith say many times that you guys gave the community features that they requested as if to say you asked for the bugs so we gave 'em to ya! That seems to be the party line answer to all who say that 2.2 shouldn't have been released so soon. Why can't you guys own up to the fact that it shouldn't have been released when it was? All of this makes me wonder if the XOOPS Japan move to break away from this place was the right thing for them to do. Did they see stuff like this coming and run when they had the chance?

Re: Xoops 2.2.2 Released??

All of my sites are 2.0.13 and will be staying there. I tried an upgrade to 2.2 which borked it so bad that I had to try a fresh install and it's so buggy that it's going back to 2.0.13. This has been a sad month in XOOPS history.

Re: I upgraded and now everything is white.

Alright now all new users are getting a white screen when clicking on the activation link.

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