Re: New tab in publisher module

Oh.. found a way in class/item.php - function getItemLink :)

Sorry for the embarrassment!

New tab in publisher module

hi guys

Could you help me with "target="_blank" for <{$item.titlelink}> for "publisher_dysplay_full.html"

I want to set this link to "publisher_item.html" to be in new tab ("target="_blank")


And, is it possible to exclude xoops header and footer only for "publisher_item.html"

Re: The future of XOOPS?

XOOPS is really nice php platform, everybody knows that

The big, really big chagrin are themes
What do you think, what makes wordpress (in example) most preferred system? The themes of course. They are nice, completed, modern, easy to use and etc.. people like it and choose it for his sites.
The contemporary webmaster is not this we know - with excellent html, php, css, java and etc knowledge. NOW EVERYONE MAKES A SITES, just because there is a web platforms like WP
OK I dont like it very much, its heavy and intractable for customization, but people like it not only because its easy, there is millions themes and plugins. And although most site owners dont have special skills, they wants to have unique sites, like well-knowledge webmasters, and guess - modern system like wp namely give them this opportunity
So if anyone wandering why fewer people use xoops, the answer is: its not modern because of its theme poverty

XOOPS needs from 100x guys like Angelo (just good example)
Sorry that I cant help, just note this fact, like a really good xoop fan

But I believe in XOOPS and still waiting 2.6 with the promised option "clean url", rewriting all system, modules and theme paths

Re: Module for Gym Catalog

I want too
But.. this is so hard here

Im big fan of web catalogs, i have several on xoops. The only 2 modules are mylinks and weblinks. But they are not enough. Weblinks is little more functional than mylinks but i think is not supported anymore. Mylinks is updated often but its not enough functional for your purpose. There is only one DIV for description and not suitable for data like company info, telephone, address and etc. Also this data cant be sorted for user choice in mysql, in example. Also the both modules havent photo album, this is a big minus. Also, both modules must be reshape, because the title of companies is a link to their website.
But look here, maybe you like any of them

Re: News module keywords do not appear in utf8

I mean for SEO, not specially in your case - "special characters problem"
You should set your keys custom, relevant to your title and description, the purpose you seek to find your article in internet.
And the keys must be much less, i think 6-7 and less

Аlthough, the keywords are not already especially value for G. in example

Re: News module keywords do not appear in utf8

OK man, i found a way to fix that, but i dont recommend to use auto keys in future

replace this line:


in your news/include/functions.php

with this:


this will work :)

Re: News module keywords do not appear in utf8

OK, i mean other but OK :)

1st: try set this: just under your in theme.html in your theme folder
This is for html5 but you just try
(must clear all chache)

if not

Try set this:



must be at the top in your article.php file in your news folder

if not

find the line

$string preg_replace('/s+?(S+)?$/'''substr($string0$length+1));

around line 650 in file function.php in your news/include folder
and replace with

$string preg_replace('/s+?(S+)?$/'''mb_substr($string0$length+1));

hope it will work :)

Re: News module keywords do not appear in utf8

This is not utf-8 problem. This is special characters problem. See here and try to fix with Multibyte String

Re: xBootstrap XOOPS Theme - Development

Hi Angelo

Im wandering is it possible to add funk/button for user/anonymous groups to can hide slider, cos i think there is many people who hates big sliders on the top

Re: xBootstrap XOOPS Theme - Development

Hi Yordal, im not sure what you want exactly, but i guess you want to separate backgrounds of the modules and their blocks

If you want different background on any kind of module you should do that in their own .css. In example, for module extcal you can set in modules/extcal/css/infobulle.css the line body {background: #fff;}
If the module has not a own .css you must create it. For example: in module dir put style.css with your code ( body {background: #fff;}} and point to it with this command:


You must search for comfortable place in .php files like index.php

If you want to set custom background for any blocks in the module, you should add new class, in exmple {whiteback) and put in your html - exmple for module extcal/block-extcal_block_new, you can set in -
whiteback"> and set this .whiteback in your .css with (background: #fff;). Somethimes you must set width too - (background: #fff;width:100%)

I hope it helps you

Good luck man

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