Complexity theme version 1.5.1 -- Final Minor Release

To Mamba,

Can you test this and let me know if it is ready for packaging and release news, you need to pull https://github.com/Chronolabs-Cooperative/Complexity-Theme-Xoops25 into /themes/complexity

This is version 1.5.1


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Tag 3.09 With Categories -- Bug Free Canidate is available

To Mamba, could you test version 3.09 :: https://github.com/Chronolabs-Cooperative/Tag-Module-Xoops25

Re: Planning: the final fontier

Fontier+ has been finished for awhile, I think I have made the cache times a little high you need to be brutal on the cache for when google crawls if your api has a lot of fonts on it fontier+ will fill the xoop_data/caches/data with lots of images but you can pull the client from: https://github.com/Chronolabs-Cooperative/Fontier-Module-Xoops25

This is the client for the api: https://github.com/Chronolabs-Cooperative/Fonts-API-PHP which you can see running at http://fonty.snails.email/ (I hav introduced a couple of bugs into it when I built the installer into it so please let me iron them out - sorry i have no testing staff)

Re: PingTrax 2.01 ~ Final Minor Version Release

michael could you also do a test of this and resolve a news article for it please... I don't have as the module development group with rank access to the publishing centers of the news.

Re: Tag 3.07 With Categories -- Release Canidate is available

michael have you tested this is it ready for me to package and do some release notice on the news...

Re: xoops subdomain api - fonty.xoops.org + fonts.xoops.org

we will need someone to work on fonts.xoops.org there is a template for it on the sourceforge.net SVN!

xoops subdomain api - fonty.xoops.org + fonts.xoops.org

This is a fonts repository API that also servers them in CSS as well as support for random fonts etc, you can see an example of this running on http://fonty.snails.email and get the code from https://github.com/Chronolabs-Cooperative/Fonts-API-PHP when setting it up on xoops.org you may with the number of crawlers lower the level and depth for reducing the file spawning size...

This works in conjunction with http://fonts.xoops.org which I had not enough resources on the VPS hense why the previews aren't working on a demo for it at http://fonts4web.org.uk the following two modules have been written which you can also use to make a font website if you wanted to the following two modules are for fonts.xoops.org:-

xoops subdomain api - strata.xoops.org

This API is for returning a list of domain tld classes and country fallout extension, can be used for working out subdomain to root domain address to see an example of it you can goto http://strata.snails.email for the source code get it from: https://github.com/Chronolabs-Cooperative/Strata-API-PHP

xoops subdomain api - lookups.xoops.org

This is for GeoIP lookups of Ipv4, IPv6 addresses for their longitude/latitude you can get the sourcecode from: https://github.com/Chronolabs-Cooperative/Lookups-API-PHP

An example running on a small VPS is here: http://lookups.snails.email

xoops subdomain api - whois.xoops.org is finished

This is a whois for IPv4, IPv6 + TLD + gTLD which provisions whois for the community via rest api, seeming xoops.org is running on a dedicated service, these will not add much additional load!

To get the code you will find it at: http://github.com/Chronolabs-Cooperative/WhoIS-API-PHP

To see it operating goto: http://whois.snails.email (this is only on a small VPS).

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