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Online, the final fontier, these are the voyages of the star ship aus-chronoprise, in it continuing 5 year mission, to explore strange new fonts, to seek our better ways of assigning them and to boldly highlight text unlike ever before! * star trek theme plays

OKey fokes, for a number of months I have been working on the API for this which is running at http://fonts.syd.labs.coop but when finished will be moved to http://fonts.labs.coop where version one currently resides. I will be writing an appendix module to this API that will for example scan your site for a list of HTML element ID's and Classes and then allow you to assign fonts to them.

As I am limited without SSL it will download the font resource to your XOOPS_DATA path as a cache item and load it in the module for the site, you will be able in this module in the admin to choose and select from the thousands of fonts available and assign them to HTML ID's and classes on your site. It will also have support for random assignment of fonts based on font nodes.

So what do you need to do to prepare for this module, you will need to ZIP or one of the support archives and you can have archives within archives in tree's and upload the fonts to http://fonts.syd.labs.coop we support upto 2Gb uploads, which will take awhile, but I suggest you keep it lower of 500Mbs.

With these fonts you will need to include the scope of the cataloguing survey and these emails will never venture outside this system, there is to or bcc, which I suggest you don't put yourself in the scope or it will only do 8 at a time. These emails will be selected to answer no more at any one time of 8 font cataloguing surveys which is to help us assign weight and details to the fonts...

In a month or two when I have collected enough fonts from you all; I will start the module it should only take a week or two to write, which will allow you to assign fonts to HTML Element ID's and Classes on your site dynamically!

So Get Uploading!!

Re: Planning: the final fontier

Fontier+ has been finished for awhile, I think I have made the cache times a little high you need to be brutal on the cache for when google crawls if your api has a lot of fonts on it fontier+ will fill the xoop_data/caches/data with lots of images but you can pull the client from: https://github.com/Chronolabs-Cooperative/Fontier-Module-Xoops25

This is the client for the api: https://github.com/Chronolabs-Cooperative/Fonts-API-PHP which you can see running at http://fonty.snails.email/ (I hav introduced a couple of bugs into it when I built the installer into it so please let me iron them out - sorry i have no testing staff)



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