Re: how to store a pic in database and load it?

I have seen this debate on many sites and frankly I dont think it can be done (at least never saw a method that worked).


Bottom line is that either you are willing to display an image or not and if it's displayed on the users PC then they have the image, in cache usually.

There are many tricks but no matter how clever you get they can always fall back on screen dump/capture and crop.

Would be nice to be proved wrong though.

However in Image manager you do have the option to store images as binary blob data rather than image files
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Re: help with donations modules

Hi Christian

Is this V1.4 Xoops2 Donations Module Dev Team (curently in repository)

because I have this version and in Paypal config at bottom of page I dont find this option?
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Re: Community Portal Sites

The "spec" for my site is much as above but due to my content most of the wrinkles are operational.

I.E. about 1% of my registrations are genuine, the rest being picture hunters (thats the polite interpretation).

It says all over the tin that it is not a sex site but dont expect these "one handed typists" to believe that!

I deal with these by useing the existing functions to run access to different "levels" of site by group, what this means in practical terms >Here<

Must have modules include, Xcgal and/or MyalbumP (the former members only, the later for public pictures), forum module (I use NewBB2), Small ads module, Smart FAQ

(SmartFAQ is particularly usefull as I used to get bombarded with silly questions but as soon as people realise that their questions go "public" in open questions they tend to ask more intelligent questions or shut up).

Plus Pical calendar, paypal donations module, and recently site map (this integrates well with the groups setup).

Also testing UserPage but waiting for further releases before this goes public.

Oh yes, and a couple of stats modules (many available).

Hope this helps, please do post any specific questions here.

P.S. your site concept is interesting, if I know human nature given that you are "in there" with search engines I would think you will get a lot of interest!
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Re: The trouble with Phentermine!


wizanda wrote:
I added all these in the censor file I did which took keywords from Wiki source also to try and make a complete list of censor words...as to stop all the diffrent names of these...

Trouble with this is that it just replaces the offending word. What would be really usefull is if proscribed words in a post resulted in rejection of the post/comment.

Logging of atempted bad posts would be a bonus.

Has this become a feature request?
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Re: How Do I install Module?

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Re: Watermarks and XCGal

Thanks hydr0

That works fine and transparent .png works great also, just playing around with relative sizes now but have a nice effective but not too obtrusive watermark method.

Where pictures vary widely in size I can see how it would be fairly easy to have alternate watermark images also.

Excellent, thank you for the quick response.
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Re: The trouble with Phentermine!

Here are the IP blocks I banned recently

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Re: The trouble with Phentermine!

Thank's very much, some excellent techniques!

Nice to know a site is popular enough to attract the attention of the mighty Phentermine Spambot! pmsl
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Re: XCal

Anyone succeded in customising the watermark? I have tried modifying the deault graphic but my text changes dont show up and have failed to find a way to control position so far as well?
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Re: Watermarks and XCGal

I just upgraded to 2.02 and the watermark feature works fine, just enable it on in general preferences and rename watermark_default.png to watermark_.png

But how does one cutomise this graphic to, for instance, appear elsewhere than the bottom left? It definitely needs moving because at the bottom it is too easy to crop out.

Can tranparency be used to make the watermark less obtrusive?

Am playing with it in Shop but so far can't make my text appear presumably because the format differs when saved? (more later).
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