Re: Customize blocs with no title in the managment page

Went with the minimal change approach with comment style slash-slash-space starting the title. Simple, but effective.


Re: Customize blocs with no title in the managment page

This is a common problem, I know I have this issue. Perhaps, it would be best if it is handled outside of the theme in core?

I would suggest we treat a block title starting with "// " (slash, slash, space) as a comment, and suppress the title when the block is rendered.

This would allow switching themes without resulting in a bunch of "@ - " block titles

The "//" is a comment indicator in many languages (such as PHP, C, JAVA, JavaScript to name a few) so it could be semantically familiar for some.

What do you think?

Re: Getting a "403 Access denied" error when trying to access the Private Messages module

A 403 status is not something XOOPS itself would generate directly.

Some thoughts:
- check for a .htaccess file in the modules/pm/ directory
- make sure permissions for the modules/pm/ directory are set to allow access by the web server
- if using a SELINUX enable server double check the security context for the directory

Re: Customize Blocks and smarty variable

There is no variable processing inside custom HTML blocks. Smarty, and all of its functions, is not available.

There is one replacement that can help in any custom blocks. The code:
will be replaced with the XOOPS_URL with a trailing slash. You can use that to build URLs for pages or sites.

I have used that to more easily move things from a development system to a production environment, without making changes.

Long term, the next generation XOOPS has shortcodes which will be available in almost any context. That will provide a more complete and extensible solution.

Re: JQuery problems for MAC OS ?

I've not heard anything about Mac specific jQuery issues, but I have a possible explanation for odd jQuery behavior when jgrowl is involved.

This patch was made quite recently: https://github.com/XOOPS/XoopsCore25/pull/759

All the Bootstrap based themes need to load jQuery before the Bootstrap code. Most older themes didn't need jQuery, so when there was a message to display with jgrowl (that depends on jquery,) the load of the jquery.js file was added. That resulted in two copies of jQuery being loaded. Anything that had already referenced the first copy could experience unexpected behavior. Lot of things would happily latch on to the second copy, so lots of things would work, but not everything.

The hack patch mentioned above does the load from javascript in the browser after checking if jQuery has already been loaded. That makes everything use the same copy, solving some odd issues.

The browser console log might offer more precise clues as to what is failing in your case, but the first suggestion is to update to the current master of XOOPS 2.5.11.

While there could be differences based on the OS, the Safari browser could also be a factor if it is involved. I don't currently have direct access to a Mac for testing, so I depend on report like yours. Thanks!

Re: NewBB 5.0 Final and 4.34 Final are released

That warning only indicates that no default permission template has been saved. If you set that in the permission tab, the message will disappear. While it does log a warning, it will not cause anything to fail. The only result is you will have to set permissions for new forums manually.

What problems are you encountering?

Re: Solved: New users: cannot register with firefox, chrome, can with explorer

Awesome! Good to hear it is working.

Re: New users: cannot register with firefox, chrome, can with explorer

Possibly this line in the rendered pages:
<div style="background: #F1F1F1 url('')">
A blank url equates to the same url as the page.

Re: New users: cannot register with firefox, chrome, can with explorer

Looking at the network log in both chrome and firefox, there are two fetches to modules/profile/register.php each time it is accessed. There is no redirect involved, but register.php is being run twice. This would account for the difference in the variable name.

This does not happen anywhere else I have checked, including xoops.org.

Re: How to create a new xoopsDB connection - from scratch

The clean way would be to pcntl_wait() for the child to end.

The database expects to be a singleton -- only one at a time.

The part that is dropped is the low level mysqli connection stored in the conn property in XoopsMySQLDatabase.

I cannot guarantee this, but it would look something like this:
$xoopsDB->conn  = new mysqli(

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