Re: desperately need help tracking and banning trolls.

hmmm...thats interesting in X2 it no longer has an option to display the IP address. So I'm not sure how you would go about it now. Maybe you can ping the person's domain name once you get the ip for the domain that they are using then you can block it in the system admin/edit preferences screen.

the problem with this approach is you could accidently block out a lot of users that you didn't intend on.

Re: desperately need help tracking and banning trolls.

Can't you just use the built in Ban IP function to effectively block folks?

Re: MassMail to members [fixed]

I had the same problem, I get a blank page when a try to send an email to registered users; but by me it works with the group of administrators. Herko, have you the same behaviour?

that's what happens to me. I'm able to send to groups that have really small numbers, like my webmaster and writers group, but I can't send to the registered users group.

Re: MassMail to members [fixed]

I've never been able to get the mail function to work. The only way I'm able to send mail to my users is to do the following (tedius) process -

1) Go to your MySQL db
2) Download the Xoops_users file to your HD
3) Convert the file in Excell (using the comma deliminated
4) Copy and paste the email addresses (column) to word
5) Search and Replace all ' with a blank space
6) Save word file
7) Copy all the email addresses to your email program, and then send your members email that way.

It's not a quick way to do it at all. But it's been the only way that I've been able to email my users.

Re: title of each page

I'm curious about this as well.

I'd like all the automatic content in the news page to have simple headers like


so for instance


or barring that


the important thing is to have a clean header string on the topics so that partners can write search scripts that will easily index content

Re: Xoops 2 module wish list

Well most of these modules are available for the 1X series, I'm not sure if they work in the 2 series as I haven't tested them yet. You can get the UserPoints, Newsletter, Webmail, Dating, and Chat modules from the downloads area, or at Modscentral.com

In upcoming releases of Xoops, we're going to be enhancing the Top Members Block to add more UserPoints features and XOOPS 2 includes an Image Gallery and the ability to send Email from within the system.

Re: News bug and a typo

Make sure your permissions are set in the user groups and that you activate the module. News is now deactivated by default

Re: Is XOOPS used for business applications?

with Xoops, you can use it in most any environment (out of the box, or with a little custom code additions), it's only limited by your "imagination." You can check out my main primary site at http://www.eclipsemagazine.com

Xoops Hosting Forum Launched

Hey All,

In a purely self interested move, I just created a new forum called XOOPS Hosting. Now that you all have your XOOPS Sites, the next obvious step is to find a good, reliable host provider to showcase your work.

This forum is for folks to make Host recommendations, request hosting services, tell us your stories, etc....

And I say I created this forum partly out of self-interest, because hey, I need a more reliable host provider myself, so any recommendations will be much appreciated.


Re: manual

I'm still working on it. I have the first 20 pages done, and I haven't even scratched the surface. Hopefully by next week it'll be done.

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