Re: CBB and ranking system (HP/MP/EXP/karma)

One of my members posted the following explanation(s) to our FAQ and I just had to share it.
Q. I have read the answer about HP, MP and EXP but dont fully understand it. HELP please.

A. Ah grasshopper to understand the true meaning of these lines is the answer to life itself .

The Hypeparametricporambulatorysick Parameter is a measure of skill in punctuation, stating the bleeding obvious and the temperature of a compost heap on a sunny day in June (doh 2 months behind again!)
The metapysicaltoroidalsteapadiktomeroflmao Parameter, contaversially, is a measure of the likleyhood of winning the national lottery and the declination of libido in a cold shower.
The EXP function is however self explanatory. Shake it and it goes bang.
Level is how far you have to fall if your intertia rell safetyline is not fastened (available at a discounted price from the management.
And you think you need help!
Works for me, lmao.

They also posted a real explanation.

Q. What does HP, MP and EXP mean?

A. You want the long answer or short answer? Here is the shortish answer:

The further across your HP bar is the more often you log on and say something. If you log on twice a day and only do 1 post, The bar would be only half as far across if you logged on once a day and did 1 post.

The further across your MP bar is, the more often you post on a daily basis.i.e. posts per day rather than posts per login

When EXP get to 100 you Explode!, but in compensation for being blown up you get to the next level. I think I'm about to explode.

Q. My Karma is 50 but there are still posts I cant read.

A. Ah Grasshopper. You dont post enough thoughtful and reasoned posts. As you join in this forum and make a contribution, your Karma will increase in leaps and bounds and then you too will be able to decide what Karma is applicable to those reading your post.

You get out what you put in.
Thanks to Goldie, lol
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Re: Having difficulty with the avatars.

You might want to read This thread before deciding whether to allow avatar upload.
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Re: want to create multiple "forums" or newssites

Hi robling, regarding your email address I would not recomend posting your email address in forum, over the long haul it's likely to attract a lot of spam. The profile field email address plus the check box "allow otheres to see email address" allow for a more secure way to "publish" your address (or not).

When you set your XOOPS up it's also a good idea not to use the master email account for your hosting, instead create one for admin purposes which can easily be changed if you have any problems.
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Re: Controlling spammers and bad users

Have a look through This thread

and also This one

There is no single solution, it depends on the way your site is set up.

The two group model you are thinking about works well for me as detailed in the second link to thread.
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Re: high load

Have you been able to access protector log at all during this time?

Can/do your hosters make your server logs available? (have a look around your top directories via ftp).
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Re: help with donations modules

Thank you very much particularly for makeing the screenshot, have upgrade on my list.
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Re: XOOPS as Intranet-Portal-Solution: Feature-Questions

Have a look at Popnupblog by Blue Moon, powerful, simple and integrates with XOOPS groups.
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Re: how to store a pic in database and load it?

How about image sliceing into many small pieces with a program such as Adobe Image ready this means a right click save gets them only a tiny portion of your thumbnail.

If the slices are small enough (few pixels) viewers will have a great deal of trouble obtaining all the slices, much less putting them back together.

Often an offender will happily save away through the site and only when they come to browse the download directory.... WTF! roflmao.

When they look in cache, many many small bits, you can mess with the slice numbering also.

Still won't prevent screen capture though

I did this with some photoshop art I derived from original freehand work an artist friend did for me some years back.

The downside here is that you may have css/table positioning issues with different browsers (css was much simpler back then and not much used).

Worth a try? Hope so because I'm about out of ideas.
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Re: how to store a pic in database and load it?

I guess incorporating the well know no right click javascript into your page(s) is best then. you can get details and code examples a few clicks in from the link above.

If you do this it would be interesting to know where and how in your XOOPS you deploy it.

I prefer watermarking and dont really mind images being copied provided it's obvious where from.
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Re: someone bipassing system/hacking in?/FIXED

That's rather a nice feature!

How is it achieved if you dont mind me asking?
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