Re: htaccess rewrite trick

RewriteRule .*\.(jpg|jpeg|gif|png|bmp|swf)$http://www.yourdomain.com/nohotlinking.jpe [R,NC]
How can i hotlink protect images and in the hotlink stealer website to show not an Image like in the example i gaved more up..to display an clickable Image or an clickable link ?What i must write in there after rewrite rule?

Re: Myalbum adjust code

or how to change this:
Directory for Photos: /home/.winsie/site.com/uploads/photos

Directory for Thumbnails: /home/.winsie/site.com/uploads/thumbs


Directory for Photos: /uploads/photos

Directory for Thumbnails: /uploads/thumbs

Re: Myalbum adjust code

So anybody knows how can i do this ?Any solution?!

Myalbum adjust code

I need to adjust my myalbum code instead of linking my images thumbnails like this

<img src="http://www.site.com/uploads/thumbs/28842.jpg">

to linking to them like this

<img src="/uploads/thumbs/28842.jpg">

How can i do this more exactly?

Re: Xoops Protector Installation

Thanks very much i will do what you wrote and let you know if i got any problems!
Anyhow i want to ask some more question because i don`t know but i think one of my website that is having XOOPS is flooded or Ddos i don`t know for sure so this what happen!
I`ve installed XOOPS all worked good till one day Chinese come they stelead my bandwith puting images in their virused forums lots of them......i did not have link protection that time!
I have done around 100-200gb per day because of that trafic bandwith because i`ve looked in log and i think they comed around 100-200.000 unique ips aproximately....So i did installed .htaccess for hotlink protection...
The google Bot will still take my images index with hot link protection or not?
And from that time i haved problems with my XOOPS site....after i`ve done hotlink protection my sites gives 503 error capacity problems ,etc but the month for hosting ended and i got my bandwith from 0 again...Normaly if i receive 503 error it`s because the webhosting it doesnt have bandwith or ?
They tolded me lots of users are coming and doing lots of conections to my website but i never had more then 1000 visitators and 4,5 in the same time maximum and they telled me i haved around 59 conections in the same is that possible?Because i don`t think 4,5 user are conecting same time and making around 10 new conections...
So they are lying to me and the month maybe did not end for them and they are saying i have too many conections from users just to not tell me if its problem with bandwith?
In may on the site i haved 31 users at one time and i did not haved no problems...
They finded this solution:
"I have set a max connection limit per IP address so that you wont have
individual visitors taking up a lot of connections. Hopefully this should
help. At the moment your site only has 59 connections open so this and
the hot link protection you have set up may have done the trick.
If you notice that you site continues to go down or is getting 503 errors
please let us know."
After they done this my site is not loading good anymore and users cannot see my pictures they only can see i down now maybe 10% of the website...
So this is an problem from my hosting or it`s an ddos or flooding attack or something?That`s what i wanna know...Because from time those chinese hotlinked and stealed my bandwith everyday i have problems...
p.s:normaly on shared server apache can handle 250 conection same time as i know,but if all 250conections are taked i should receive error right?
Because if all conection are taked the other sites i haved hosted there it should not work right?But that site is not working and gives 503 errors and other sites in there that i have are working perfectly...So i wonder if my site is attacked or something or how can i find out this?!

Xoops Protector Installation

I`ve download protector 3.1
In there are two folders: html/modules/protector this i should put in my xoops/modules/ right or?
And another folder named xoops_trust_path/modules/protector where i should put that?
In xoops.peak.ne.jp is writed that:

First, define XOOPS_TRUST_PATH into mainfile.php if you've never done it yet.

Copy html/modules/protector in the archive into your XOOPS_ROOT_PATH/modules/ So i must copy html/modules/protector this i should put in my xoops/modules/ right or?
Copy xoops_trust_path/modules/protector in the archive into your XOOPS_TRUST_PATH/modules/" Where more exactly to copy this?And wich is more exactly the xoops_trust _ path ?!

"After XOOPS Protector is installed, edit your mainfile.php like this:

include XOOPS_TRUST_PATH.'/modules/protector/include/precheck.inc.php' ;
if (!isset($xoopsOption['nocommon']) && XOOPS_ROOT_PATH != '' ) {
include XOOPS_ROOT_PATH."/include/common.php";
include XOOPS_TRUST_PATH.'/modules/protector/include/postcheck.inc.php' ;

Just add two red-colored lines."
This code i will add in mainfile.php :include XOOPS_TRUST_PATH.'/modules/protector/include/postcheck.inc.php' ;
Or it should be include MyXOOPS_TRUST_PATH.'/modules/protector/include/postcheck.inc.php' ;
What is the XOOPS_TRUST_PATH?More exactly or how i setup this path?!

Anybody know what forum or blog

Anybody know what system blog or forum is using this site?!

htaccess problem

hello to all i have one big problem with .htaccess
maybe some one know how i can resolve this issue:so i want to protect an dir using .htaccess !
but the problem is i want to protect draculaestate.ro/administrator
and in draculaestate.ro/.htaccess i have the same file
if i put .htaccess in /administrator it gets in conflict with the one in draculaestate.ro
and when i try :http://www.draculaestate.ro/administrator/index2.php
it gives 404: Not Found

If i disable draculaestate.ro/.htaccess the seo will not work
so too show the articles like that seo!

If i put the content from the draculaestate.ro/administrator/.htacess in /draculaestate.ro/.htaccess it will protect the entire site and not only the /administrator part
So how can i protect an dir or what i can do too protect /administrator path without geting .htaccess in conflict?!

Re: Can anyone confirm XoopsDesign.com website is down?

is working okay!if anyone haves an account there please private me!thanks very much!


try php stats!
as i know is the best !
totaly recomanded!

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