Re: how to synchronize users in 2.2+ ?

likewise. . works like a charm!

Re: Resetting Post Count

This has been happening to my site for 2 years. I've never found an answer. . this thread is the most i've ever seen. I also am running 2.2.4 and cbb. I will run the script. . seems like that might be ok until the next release. I had reported this as a bug ages ago (i think) but nothing ever came of it.

deleted "xoops_group_users_link" table now "sorry you do not have permission"

I searched and saw several posts about similar issues but haven't found a total resolution yet. Hoping someone can help.

I was deleting some accounts in the admin area and this resulted in the"xoops_group_users_link" table getting dumped. Why I don't know but others have reported this as a bug.

Anyway, now no one, including the admin can log in without getting the "sorry you do not have permission" error.

I saw a thread that included information about how to re-register as a user, and then go into the xoops_group_users_link table and set the account's "groupid" to "1" so that this user is now a webmaster. I did that but it didn't quite work. I can log in as that user but I don't see the administration link. I wanted to go into the admin panel to set all my users up as "registered" user level permissions.

Does anyone have a fix for this issue? or know how to rebuild the "xoops_group_users_link" table based on the "xoops_users" table which is still in tact?

I should say that I read the sticky on a similar issue and dumped the sessions table and the cache folder and it didn't resolve the situation.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Re: Chat / Personal Messenger Modules ..... ?

it's shocking, but true, that there has never been a decent chat module for xoops. chat is very resource intensive an crashes most shared hosts if you get a lot of users on it. flashchat is a disaster for shared hosts. .

after trying all of them, i now use the gabbly chat module for xoops. you don't integration with usernames or much control over the environment, but at least it works fast (most of the time) and doesn't kill your server.

Re: xcgal pagetitle hack ..improve the searchability of your site!

thanks! this is great!

Re: My xoops site died. . will pay for help

bluestocking - the indexbac.html idea is ingenious. . i did some testing and i see how this works now. will be very useful in the future and I would highly recommend that everyone do this on their site.

Re: My xoops site died. . will pay for help

Thanks again to all the helped get my site back up. Here's a link to a thread from very thankful members of the site:

Yeah! The Hotdog Blog is Up and Running!

Re: My xoops site died. . will pay for help

Ok. . I'm going to try this. . though I'm not sure I understand it fully. Thanks for the suggestion!

Re: My xoops site died. . will pay for help

Yes, a huge round of applause to blueteen and everyone else who offered their assistance in bringing my website back to life! I know a bunch of dachshund lovers all over the world are singing your praises!

This is an example of the power and commitment of the XOOPS community. And, it is sincerely appreciated.

Re: My xoops site died. . will pay for help


You are amazing. What is the 'conf_modid' for? I wonder how this would get changed on it's own? The xmbluext in there is the original file that I uploaded, but it never worked without modification. I renamed the actual one I used to "xmbluext_current" or something like that while trying to get the site back up. Do you think the xmbluext theme could be part of the problem?

What is a paypal address for you? I want to send you a thank you contribution!

after comparison (between fresh install and yours), i made some changes in your config table.
for unknown reason (to me), `conf_modid` was set to 1 (but it was set to 0 on fresh install).quote]

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