Chat / Personal Messenger Modules ..... ?
  • 2007/8/8 13:31

  • paulizaz

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I am looking to install a XOOPS messenger/chat module for a XOOPS installation used as an Intranet. The chat module will be used for staff to chat to (private message) clients allowing them to offer technical support.

I find mixed opinions and several let downs with XOOPS messenger modules.

Is there any consensus within XOOPS of a good chat module?

Re: Chat / Personal Messenger Modules ..... ?
  • 2007/8/8 13:58

  • tom

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Tufat offer a flash chat module, which works ok with smaller sites (ie less users).


If this is for a productions environment then consider investing in some real server chat software like:

http://www.chatblazer.com <--- I've used this for 3 years or there abouts, it's cool, it's fast, although I had many teething issues, but Samuel form their tech support helped me a great deal and all is sorted. I made a basic integration of their client to work with XOOPS. They also offer some kinda of DB option so it can work with X too.


http://www.123flashchat.com <---- they offer a XOOPS plugin too to use usernames and pass from your XOOPS database. I tested the demo version the other month and it worked exceptionally well for myself.

There are many other chat server options out there, but these are my two personal favourites, because of support, and because they listen, or at least have listened to me.

Re: Chat / Personal Messenger Modules ..... ?

it's shocking, but true, that there has never been a decent chat module for xoops. chat is very resource intensive an crashes most shared hosts if you get a lot of users on it. flashchat is a disaster for shared hosts. .

after trying all of them, i now use the gabbly chat module for xoops. you don't integration with usernames or much control over the environment, but at least it works fast (most of the time) and doesn't kill your server.

Re: Chat / Personal Messenger Modules ..... ?
  • 2007/8/19 6:34

  • kamax

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Yeah, thats true. No Ajax-Xoops-Chat-Module, just our very old Tremble Chat "xoopschat"

Re: Chat / Personal Messenger Modules ..... ?
  • 2007/8/19 9:58

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Maybe DHChat will be the right one. It's not the newest one but you find the dowload in this thread on myxoops.org . I use it on several sites without problems. And a new improved version will come later the year (hopefully)

Re: Chat / Personal Messenger Modules ..... ?
  • 2007/9/12 8:16

  • amudee

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DHChat seems to be in german language. I just installed it on ietBugs.com and on looking english language folder, I can only see german language and no english at all.

I don't know german now how do i translate ? Did any body already translated it in english ?


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