Re: FCKeditor with Xoops 2.0? And if not, how bad is 2.2?


2.2.4 is the last release in the 2.2 tree. I think no more work is being done. You should eventually be able to upgrade to 2.4, when the separate streams come back together.

As for the security hole, I think it may be that this vuln could be attacked indirectly. I would have thought a decent chmod would protect this, but haven;t had chance to look.

Your best bet for module compatability is to install a separate copy of the site and test everything. I tried an early 2.2 and it broke my (test) site, I'm evaluating again now from the ground up.


I'll evaluate inbetween. Thanks for the pointer.
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Re: Which Modules to install

Seeing as no-one else has had a go at this, allow me:

1)Keep private certain sections of the website from competetive teams

Any and all sections of the site can be kept private. When users Register they join a group called registered. You can then create a new group of users called "Private", and add the users you know are on the team to this group. You can then assign "module access rights" to the relevant modules to only this group of people.

2)Be able to assign updatability to certain pages to different people in the organization. (sub-admins)

Same as above, only create a list called "SubAdmins". You then need to assign "module admin rights" to those modules to this group.

3)They want to create a mailing list.

You can send mail to any group from the backend. You need to be an admin to do this. This is strictly one-many. If you want an e-mail discussion list, you may be better with other software. There may be mailing lsit modules for XOOPS - I've not used them.

4)They want to be able to moderate membership, to keep competators from accessing the private pages.

You can require admin validation of an account before it becomes active. This would allow you (as admin) to control access. In this case, if only your team are to be registered, you can omit creating the "Private" group in step 1 and simply use "Registered" instead.

5)they would like to have a photo gallery (private).

See answers to 1,2, & 4

6)Blog and forums capability.

Not sure about "Blog", though there are modules to do this - check the modules repository. There are several good forums for XOOPS, CBB & NewBB are worth looking at. You can again lock down the permissions on these so only registered people can use them.

7)They want to tie into cafepress.

Can't answer - sorry.

8) Web Calendar.

Again, there are several avaialble, and I can only advise to play around and see which one best suits your needs.

One problem here is that I believe the Documentation has been taken down at the moment as it was hacked (could be wrong), but this system is pretty simple to get to grips with. If you do a google search for "XOOPS tutorial" you'll find some useful hits to get you up and running.

You made the right choice having XOOPS installed, it's not perfect, but it's pretty darned good for most things and should easily be able to do what you want.

Hope this helps,
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Re: Modifying Xoops offline

I've fiddled with WAMP and got nowhere.

Try EasyPHP instead - This has run everything I have thrown at it first time (execpt XOOPS 2.3 RC1 which fails to install for me!)

WAMP is probably the better package, but EasyPHP is certainly easier in my opinion.
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Re: FCKeditor with Xoops 2.0? And if not, how bad is 2.2?

There's an official reason for this, and hopefully someone will provide that later (and correct my glaring errors)

1) XOOPS 2.0.x is not good with other editors
2) XOOPS 2.2.x Introduced a XOOPS editor framework to allow this to be done easier
2a) XOOPS 2.0.x modules need to be rewritten to be compatible with this
3) XOOPS 2.2.x broke lots of other things, so got put on hold.
4) The upgrade path will be 2.0.x -> 2.3 (RC1 is out now), -> 2.4; and 2.2.x -> 2.4, so the trees will merge again.

I need a good editor cross module, cross platform, cross browser and I like FCK. However, My reasons for this is to allow image upload, which is/should be turned off in XOOPS as it's a security hole.

I believe this can be done, but I've yet to see an authoratative guide on how idiots like me can do this.

Hope this helps,
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Re: Community Module

Should be possible

1) Automated response-ish.

When your webserver can't find a page, it displays a 404 error. If you have a custom 404 error page, it may be passed the address of the page that failed (depending on how the web server is configured). It is conceivable to change the page into a script to redirect from
http://www.mysite.org/myusername to

2) Not automated and outside XOOPS.

Assuming your webhost provides you with a tool like cpanel, you should be able to redirect any web request to any address.

You only need to find the page you want to link to, copy it's URL and redirect your address http://www.mysite.org/myusername/ to point straight at this.

Hope this is of use,
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Re: News 1.4 / Xoops 2.2.3


another option is to make a few (2 for your needs) "new news posts" blocks, and to limit them (from the blocks admin) to your chosen subjects/categories ... (duplicated blocks only @ the 2.2.x series)

This is what I am trying to do - can someone please point at the sequence of menu commands that will get me there?

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Re: News 1.4 / Xoops 2.2.3

-bump - anyone?
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News 1.4 / Xoops 2.2.3

Hi All,

Quick question : I'm using XOOPS 223 on a local development platform (Easy PHP) and have jsut installed News 1.4 from the personal pack.

I've created 2 news blocks to show news items - but I want to switch each of these to show a different topic.

Is this possible to do this, and if so, can you please talk me through this?

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Re: module display outside of xoops

The quick, dirty and stupid way of doing this (which is why I came up with this) is to use some good old fashioned HTML (anyone remember that ) and use either a frame or an iframe to display one or the other content.

I'm sure there are very good reasons why you should not do this, but it will work....
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Re: Xoops hack to add centre blocks above and below content block.

Just my 2p input to all of this - much of this based on how Joomla (seems to work).

I favour "blocks" in a theme to be called anything. You can then set a series of defaults that can be translated into the standard left, centre, rigth whatever, or alternatively force these block to be present in each theme.

Where the radio buttons now appear in the admin panels, these should be replaced with a drop down list to select available locations from.

Different types of blocks could be present at each location - under control of either the theme, HTML, or CSS. For example we could have a centre_titled block, a centre_no_title, centre_blue_background, etc...

One nice thing that Joomla also supports in Themes is that different themes can be applied to different pages. While the whole paradigm of how Joomla works vs how XOOPS works is different, it would be nice to assign different themes to different modules. For example, I'd like my front page to be nice two column layout, my main pages to be left(menu)-centre-right(context menu), and my forum to be single column. I know this is possible to do currently by choosing what shows or not, but this method adds the capability to really refine the design.

I am encouraged to see that there are large changes in the theme engine coming with the next upgrades - I'd just like to see them appear sooner!

In fact, the more I try to do things in Joomla, the more drawn back into XOOPS I am
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