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New Frameworks: WideImage_for_xoops

Posted by black_beard on 2013/2/24 14:40:00 (2626 reads) | Posted on Modules
Here is a Frameworks for managing images. Frameworks that is based on PHP class WIDEimage and has been optimized for Xoops.

Version: 1.01

Minimum requirements

  • PHP 5.2 or 5.3

  • GD2 library


  • Loading Images

  • Save images

  • Adds noise to the image

  • Allocate a color by RGB values

  • Applies convolution matrix

  • Applies a filter

  • grayscale copy of the image

  • a negative of the image

  • Performs an auto-crop on the image

  • Corrects gamma on the image

  • Returns a cropped rectangular portion of the image

  • flipped (mirrored over horizontal line) copy of the image

  • Retrieve an image with selected channels

  • A method lays the overlay (watermark) on the image

  • Returns a mirrored copy of the image

  • Resize the image to given dimensions.

  • Resizes the canvas of the image

  • Rotate the image

  • Returns an image with round corners


You can find a documentation for developpers here in french and english.


You can download here

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D-Transport, new module by Xoops Mexico

Posted by bitcero on 2013/2/3 1:05:39 (3689 reads) | Posted on Modules
Resized Image

I've recently released D-Transport 2.0 Beta for XOOPS, based on Common Utilities.

With D-Transport you can create a downloads section in XOOPS, with new and cool features that make the files management very easy and efficient.

This module contains a lot of features such as:

✔ Friendly URLs support. Very easy to configure.
✔ Multiple files by download item.
✔ Supports screenshots for items.
✔ A features manager.
✔ Statistics for items activity.
✔ Integrate with rmcommon features.
✔ Alerts for inactivity for items.
✔ and more...

You can see the module in action in the downloads section of Xoops Mexico (note that this is not a demo).

Download the module.

You can post your feedback, questions and comments in this forum.


xNewsletter: Newsletter module for XOOPS

Posted by goffy on 2013/1/14 20:50:00 (4920 reads) | Posted on Modules
xNewsletter is a newsletter-module for Xoops. The modul is based on PHPMailer and PHPMailer-BMH.

Short description of basic functions:
- Usage of one or more e-mail-accounts
- Admin of one or more newsletter possible
- Subscription procedure optionally use confirmation system (double-opt-in)
- detailed handling of permissions for subscription procedures
- Newsletter are based on templates
- detailed handling of permissions for groups and newsletter (subscribe, write, send)
- Send: send test mail, resend to all subscribers or only to subscrbers, where sending failed
- Bounced mail handler for handling bounced mails in case of invalid e-mail-addresses
- Optionally syncronisation with mailinglists (e.g. majordomo)
- Maintenace function included
- Creating protocol for the important steps

For details please look into help file.

The module you can download from

If you like this module, you can make a small donation for the child climbing group of Naturfreunde Hochburg-Ach (

Resized Image

Thank you

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SimpleNewsletter: easy newsletters management for XOOPS

Posted by Mamba on 2013/1/14 20:40:00 (4562 reads) | Posted on Modules
In 2008 Hervet released a commercial module to manage newsletters on your XOOPS site: SimpleNewsletter

Recently, he was asked by SMEDrieben to release it as OpenSource, and he agreed to it. Thank you Hervet for doing it!

SimpleNewsletter allows you to easily create and send newsletters (in text or in html) to the registered users of your site (whatever their number is) and it will enable them to read the past issues from your site.

Main features of the SimpleNewsletter module:

Unlike other newsletters modules, it is capable of sending large numbers of the same newsletter to your users through one of its blocks or via a CRON (a kind a planified task).

In its administrative part, the module allows you to create as many newsletters as you want, to stop and to resume shipments, to edit and remove newsletters, to manage subscriptions (adding or removing members, adding all Members of the site), to manage the content of a welcome and goodbye email when users unsubscribe. You can also manage the welcome of the index page.

On the user side, the module can show a list of the previous newsletters and to view the content of each one.

The module is integrated to the Xoops search, it has an RSS feed and has 4 blocks :

- The list of the last subscribers
- The last newsletters
- A block allowing each user to know his state (subscribed or not)
- A dedicated bloc to send newsletters if you don't have a CRON.

It has been now updated to XOOPS 2.5.5 Admin GUI and released as Beta 1

Download: SourceForge Module Repository

Developers wanted:
With this module, we have now several Newsletter modules, and it would be great to have a team that would merge the best features from all of them, and create one that would be supported centrally. If anybody would like to work on it, please let us know.

Bugs/Feedback: Please post in this thread on our Forums

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FBComment 1.0 RC Available

Posted by geekwright on 2013/1/3 21:36:03 (5007 reads) | Posted on Modules
geekwright is proud to announce the availability of a release candidate of FBComment 1.0.

FBComment is a module for XOOPS systems that provides easy access to Facebook(R) social plugins for both Like Buttons and Comments. This functionality is provided through standard XOOPS blocks which can be added to virtually any page. In this way, page specific comments can be added quickly without requiring any changes to module templates. Open Graph meta tags are automatically added to pages where the blocks are used, and additional page specific data can be easily specified using the built in Open Graph meta data editor.

Download is here:

* Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

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Basic Module Pack for XOOPS 2.5.5 (recently updated Final releases)

Posted by Mamba on 2012/12/22 18:20:00 (15609 reads) | Posted on Modules
There was a progress over the last few days with finalizing some of the modules that will be part of our XOOPS Basic Module Pack.

All these modules use the XOOPS 2.5.5 Admin GUI, so they share a very similar "look and feel", thus lowering the learning curve.

Together with modules already released earlier, here is the updated current Basic Module Pack:

Avaman 0.22 Final
Avaman Module manages Avatars and Smilies for the user

Backup 3.3 Final
A module to allow you to easily backup and/or restore your MySQL database.

1 backup XOOPS data and store in three ways: on the server, download immediately(admin only) or sent by email(URL or attachments)
2 tables can be select to be exported separately. useful for large tables
3 file number stored on local server can be configured
4 backup can be made by admin or via cronjob
5 restore XOOPS data from db files exported the module or by any db management script like phpmyadmin
6 capable for large file import by multiple sessions
7 restore can be done by non-webmaster, useful for XOOPS user related date restore.
8 timeout issues have been efficiently solved

Birthday 2.3 Final
Birthday is a module to keep track of your members' Birthdays.
It can be also used to remember fallen soldiers, by showing the date of their passing. You can use a WYSIWYG editor to make it even more attractive

Boox 1.71 Final
Boox (Blocks Out Of Xoops) is a module which is to help you to manage content that Xoops can't access but which is part of your site.

Typically, this content is created on the form of blocks which are not parts of a Xoops module and that's also a content which is, in general, placed in the theme. With the module, you can create as many "virtual blocks" as you want, they are saved in files (the module does not use database) and you just need to call them in your theme with one line of code.

Defacer 1.11 Final
Defacer is a new revolutionary XOOPS module that allows you to change themes, metadata and permissions for any given page on the XOOPS-based Website, thus giving you a level of control and customization not seen before.
It also comes with jgrowl redirection system and the ability of using blocks anywhere in your theme and templates

With this Xoops module, you can:
change themes, metadata and permissions for any given page.
enable jgrowl redirection system
use blocks anywhere

extGallery 1.11 Final

eXtGallery is a powerful web gallery module for XOOPS

Google Maps 0.9 Final
Google Maps Creates a world map from Google where users can add in markers for locations

Marquee 2.49 Final
Marquee is a XOOPS module to create scrolling texts (marquees). You can create an unlimited number of marquees and use them in 4 blocks. Texts can scroll horizontally (from right to left or left to right) and vertically (from top to bottom and bottom to top). You can also set the loop, i.e. how many times should the marquee loop (from 1 to 100 times, and infinity). You can use a WYSIWYG editor to make your marquees even more attractive

Mastop Go2 1.02 Final
Mastop Go2 is a new concept in Spotlights Management for XOOPS sites, following the standards of OO development, facilitating the inclusion of new resources. Even being simple, Mastop Go2 module came to meet the basic needs for any Xoops site: Let the site more beautiful and speed up the publication of any information, may it be written or graphical.

MyComments 1.01 Final
With this Xoops module, your users can keep a track of their received and sent comments.
The module can :
. display received comments by user
. display sent comments by user
. display the above per module
. include comments on your site search
. display a block with the last commented items (not last comments)

MyMenus 1.41 Final
MyMenus is menu manager module from Trabis that allows you to display dynamic or static menus in your website.

MySearch 1.21 Final
With this module you can learn what people are searching for on your website.

MyTabs 2.21 Final
MyTabs is a simple module to create and manage multiple content blocks and post them in Tabs.

Obituaries 2.31 Final
With this module you can show Members' Obituaries.

Qrcode 1.02 Final
Module to create QRCodes. Currently the QRCode module allows for creations of the following QRCodes:
-Visit a website
-Call a phonenumber
-Send a SMS to a cellphone
-Plain text
-Send an email
-Lookup GPS coordinates
-Create a business card

SmartFAQ 1.10 Final
SmartFAQ, as you would probably have guessed it by the name, is a Frequently Asked Questions system for XOOPS 2.x web sites. Compared to XoopsFaq or WF-FAQ, SmartFAQ offers exciting new functionality that will help communities to quickly and easily build a complete FAQ system for their sites.

Soapbox 1.6 Final
This little module has a single purpose: to help you build in your site an editorial column section, where you can manage the columns and articles published in an ordered fashion.
It uses Smarty templates, can take comments, it's fully searchable, includes notification options, and lets users rate the articles as well as send private messages to the authors. Also, you can decide which groups of users see what specific columns.

TDMDownloads 1.62 Final
Creates a downloads section where users can download/submit/rate various files. It uses XOOPS permission and group management, thus allowing a great flexibility in use.

Wf-Downloads 3.21 Final
WF-Downloads is a download module for XOOPS. You can create a download section with multiple categories and sub-categories. You decide which groups are allowed to upload which type of files separately.

Wf-links 1.09 Final
WF-Links is a module for XOOPS that helps you to create a link section with multiple categories and sub-categories.

[EDIT on 12/22/2012] I've updated following modules to Final versions:

Contact 1.80 (with DB, from Voltan)
Module to send a message to the Webmaster. The new thing is that in addition to Email, the messages to Webmaster will be also stored in a DB (thanks to Voltan)

Tag 2.31
The tag module is designed for site-wide tag management, handling tag input, display and stats for each module that enables tag plugin.
This module provides a centralized toolkit including input, display, stats and substantial more comprehensive applications, so that each module does not need to develop its own tag handling scripts.

- Waiting 0.96
This module offers you an extensible waiting contents block into your XOOPS.
By installing this module and adding proper plug-ins only, you as webmaster can confirm any approval waitings of any modules at one view.

xLanguage 3.04
An eXtensible Multi-language content and character encoding Management plugin, Multilanguage management handles displaying contents in different languages, like English, French and Chinese. If you want to switch between languages, this module is for you.

- XoopsHeadline 1.10
The XoopsHeadlines module is used to display RSS feeds on your website. It is typically used to aggregate news feeds into a single location on your website. The headlines can be shown in the XoopsHeadlines module or in a block on your site.

XoopsPoll 1.33
The XoopsPolls module can be used to display interactive survey forms on your site. Each poll can display a question on which visitors can ‘vote’. This can be a valuable way to collect feedback from your community. Polls can be configured to allow single or multiple choices and visitors can view the ‘results’ to date.

XoopsTube 1.051
With the module XoopsTube you can add and categorize movies from sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, LiveLeak, etc. to your website.

xSiteMap 1.52
The xSiteMap module automatically creates sitemap of your Website for you and your visitors.

xForms 1.21 Final
xForms is a module for XOOPS offers widely customizable contact forms. xForms generates different kind of form elements e.g. text areas, check boxes for webmasters to create their "Contact Us" forms by desire. Submitted information can be sent by email or through the private message system of XOOPS, and received by selected user group.

There will be more modules coming soon, as the goal is to finish the Basic Module Pack by end of the year, so we can focus on converting all these modules to XOOPS 2.6.0

All these modules have been tested on PHP 5.4.8, so they should be running just fine on existing XOOPS 2.5.5 and PHP 5.2+ installations.

Our recommendation is:

XOOPS 2.5.5
PHP 5.3+

If you find any bugs, please report them in this Thread.

We would also appreciate all help with finalizing other modules, and with writing documentation or creating video tutorials, and translations into local languages.

We would like to thank all users who tested these modules and reported bugs, and all developers who contributed new features and bug fixes!

It is this collaboration that makes the XOOPS Community so strong!


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XOOPS Toplist Module Alpha 1

Posted by webmystar on 2012/11/21 11:10:34 (4081 reads) | Posted on Modules
The German Team is happy to present the Alpha 1 version of the Toplist – Module. The Toplist Modul was made with the friendly help from .

Resized Image

This module can be used as a Counter service.

Here can you find the Demo:

Here can you find the Testversion the Toplist Module:

Happy Testing!

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xThemes 1.5 Beta has Arrived!

Posted by bitcero on 2012/10/26 13:40:32 (5588 reads) | Posted on Modules
xThemes 1.5 Beta
xThemes 1.5 beta has been released and is available for download from the downloads section of Xoops Mexico.

This new version is a complete rewrite of the module, which improves performance and gives greater functionality, while allowing the design and development of better XOOPS themes.

It is very important to know that this version is not compatible with earlier versions of xThemes. This means that themes developed for earlier versions will not work in this version because the framework has been changed radically.

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Common Utilities 2.1.70

Posted by bitcero on 2012/10/26 13:36:58 (4663 reads) | Posted on Modules
Common Utilities 2.1.70

Now available for download the version 2.1.70 of Common Utilities. While this version is still labeled Beta, stability brought us forward to the next final release.

This update contains fixes for previously reported issues and changes that improve the basic functions of rmcommon. The changes primarily affect the handling of images by the Image Manager, RMTemplate class to make it more versatile and functional and TinyMCE editor has been updated to its latest version. In addition, improved graphical stuff TinyMCE editor.

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X-Payment 1.51 - Final Edition

Posted by wishcraft on 2012/8/17 10:00:00 (4933 reads) | Posted on Modules
X-Payment 1.51 - Final Edition
Turn any Module into a Shopping Cart with XPayment
Community release by Chronolabs Co-op


Download: - 13Mb

Xpayment is a module that allows you to write customised payment gateways, as well as having modular hooking stratum in the module with a second plugin section for modules and responses to invoices.

Complete with Gateway plugins you can easily customise this module for your payment gateway in a few files. There is many benefits to using xpayment as the standard for intergrating payment into your modules. It has a modular plugin system for gateway invoice responses so your module will know when an items has been paid for.

Check out this video to better understand XPayment 1.42

This is the new standard for gateway and payment solutions with XOOPS.

We have a translation project underway this archive from time to time will be patched to include more languages - currently comes with the 1.31 in other languages. - I ask that all that have translated the module for other languages please make the new constants marked at the base of the language file marked for version 1.33.

There are no known bugs and the module has been declare stable in its SDLC - in this version; 1.39 this is the first version that will be released which is compatible with XOOPS 2.5 Series and later.

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