Modules: QRCode module for XOOPS v1.1

Posted by: chco2on 2013/9/14 21:22:20 5373 reads
After reading through some of the posts we've decided to update the QRCode module for XOOPS 2.5.x
The main reason is the fact that the replacement module that came to be didn't work for us after we installed it.
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We've added/changed :
- a block to the module that shows the current url of the page as a QRCode with an option to set the size of the image.
- All Qrcodes are made locally, no external script is called
- Module is now cloneable
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The QRCode module was first created so other developers could make check if it is installed and the utilize QRCode creation. We then updated it so QRCodes could also be manually created.
Currently the module creates the following QRCode :

- Visit a website
- Call a phonenumber
- Send a SMS to a cellphone
- Plain text
- Send an email
- Lookup GPS coordinates
- Create a business card

You can download it here.